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BLEACH - research - BL

"we're researching, honest!"

my brain is fried. my back is killing me. my shoulders are cramped. my fingers are stiff and freezing.

but i finished it in one night. i slaved over this, and i shouldn't have. i mean, it's simple, right? white and shit? well, no. it seems that more time consuming than color.

anyway, it's ukitake and kyouraku (who's looking very aizen-ish, sorry), if you couldn't tell... and i FANGIRLED SO HARD at this page...


that i simply had to draw this <s>canon</s> pairing. sigh... i love ukitake.

anyway, play with lines again. i tried to keep the coloring a bit more simple this time. at least i resisted the urge to super define lips. :XD:

i should have done something different with the books, but i was going for the same color scheme as that page from the manga, soooooo... yeeeaaahhh... didn't want to put more time into painting farking books. BAH!

and yes, i scribbled japanese all over those little papers. haha.

/super long artist's comments that no one reads

painter X

oh, wait, one more thing...

thanks for the almost 20k pageviews. :) it took five years, but that's okay! :XD:
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this is one of the best pics of them both i ever seen :O <3 FAV! 
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you know what. shave your beard herem Kuoraku, and you will look exactly like Aizen
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:iconukitakeplz::iconsaysplz: Your amazing art has been featured! [link] *cough cough* Please :+fav: the article if you love it! :heart:
ktbspa1993's avatar
im not really into this pairing but its still absolutely amazing
ShinigamiX8's avatar
Ukitake is so epic on this picture
ok actually i'm not really into the Ukitake -Kyouraku-pairing but this looks SOO GREAT!
sandtree's avatar
Two long hair mals in suits doing the shonen-ai/ yaoi?
AngelFlame89's avatar
niceeeeee, my question for them: what are you researching hm~ *waggles eyebrows*
northernmost's avatar
shunsui so aizen... fufufu
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Very very VERY awesome. :D
rockotheklepto's avatar
if only!!!! put a hidden camera in that room and you have afngirl porno!!!
ElleDontYouDare's avatar
I just love these two too much.
Hanapu-sama's avatar
:iconpervyplz: Eheheheh

Best pairing EVER!!!!!
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This is one of my favorite pairings!
It looks awesome!! =D Great work!
RenValentine's avatar
First off, I'd like to say those are my favorite outfits on those two...the original by Kubo is my Google background...Second off...RAWR.
grimjohn's avatar
XD gay couple wtf ! but its very funny ! omg i cant stop laughting im out of here !( u draw/edit cool )
Akiahara's avatar
common pairing... :)

no editing, just drawing. :XD: and thanks.
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bravo u draw pretty cool would you mind check my draws i make things from bleach(not only) XD check em if u like
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Featured in my Bleach Fan Art Feature #3 :clap:
Don't forget to :+favlove:
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Love these characters. :3
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