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BLEACH - after the battle

man, this took SO LONG.

it's a commission for :iconliralenli:

i took so long on this, hun, i hope it's acceptable. she requested academy versions of kyouraku and ukitake with some bloody, just came from the battle bits. so i got to do bloody people, YAY!

i keep thinking that i forgot to put something on here, but... i don't think so. *shrug* except a decent background. yeah, gradient fail.

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His sleeve.. -cries- Beautiful work!
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I love! Shunsui is SO sexy!
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This artwork has been featured here :clap:
SaliviaBaker's avatar
oooooh. that is a *very* nice picture
CurlyHairedDemon's avatar
great googly moogly; young jushiro has never looked finer *_*
annieroo2's avatar
Oh holy sh*t they look so amazing. Totally f*ckable both of them. XD
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at least i finally finished something of the two of them, right?! XDDD
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There's so much here I love that I'm just going to do this -
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Oh..huh. Okay, I admire you from now. Totally and absolutely.
I love academy versions of Shunsui and Jushiro and you drew them.. amazingly.
Yeap, this one took you a lot of time but it was totally worth just to see the effect.
Gosh, I'm speechless.
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oh wow. i'm flattered. thank you!
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My pleasure! :heart:
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I really, really love how this turned out. The amount of blood is *exactly* right, and the looks on their faces, both wary and expectant is perfect. And they're so amazingly *young* in this that it's so very good. *dances about*

And the hair!! *laughs* After having now colored hair, my brain is like omg the HAIR. And I'm really really pleased with the library green eyes, I really love Jyuushiro with green eyes rather than the anime-brown ones.

Thank you, very much, for the lift I needed to get back into Twin Souls.
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LULZ, i need to get back into replying to my comments in a timely manner. XD

yesh, i'm glad i know about the green eyes now. i'll never think of ukitake with brown ones again. the green suits him better, methinks.

i'm happy you like it, hun. :glomp:
liralenli's avatar
Very very very much. XDD Glad you got around to it sometime! *laughs*

I agree, the green definitely suits him better. And I'm very, very happy with it, and have been using it wherever I can. :XD:

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this is very nice :)
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you have a steady hand! :O *stares at the hair*
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haha, after a while it starts to shake. XD
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