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Goku and Vegeta Shimeji

By aki1iniriki
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i bet your ALL jealous! well you dont have to be! ^^

Download this ----> [link] <---- so that the Shimeji's you download will move

Now if you want Goku and Vegeta, download the files of.....

Goku Shimeji ----> [link] <----

Vegeta Shimeji ----> [link] <----

these things are called Shimeji, they move around your desktop and multiply and you can even throw them! :D its so fun! X3 and FREE! :D
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its not available 404 so I don't think anyone would bother. 
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I know your comment was several months ago, but I found a link that has a working download for the Vegeta shimeji:
Goku and Vegeta shimeji

I hope you enjoy.  Watching Super with these guys on the screen, making it that much more entertaining.  ^_^  (I had to toy with the settings to get them to work, but the download does work)  
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^_^  No problem.  I hope you were able to get them to work
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I was scrolling thru the comments, seeing if anyone had the same 404 problem. Thanks for helping.

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where is Vegeta dammit! bunch of lies!!!!
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if you are having problems with your shimeji you need to download the basic version of the app and delete the base character images. then take the images for the shimeji you want on your desktop and place them in the file where the basic character images were. then you need to(if necessary) move any additional behavior files to the conf. file. then you`re good to go. just double click the icon to start it up and your new buddy will appear on screen for you.
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i want to get this but idk how ;-;
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who is the creator of the Thumbnail images of vegeta?
let me the devianart
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Im sorry, this was made so long ago. 
Their deviantart is no longer online :(
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can you make goku transform into ssj4?
and a lots action like he shooting kamehameha too
i am trying to do that 
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I..cannot....I don't know how to get the Shimeji's to do other actions actually :/ sorry I am not much help.
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The Vegeta got removed D: This is so bad ... you're lucky to have it x) They're so cute x'3
aki1iniriki's avatar
Yeah I guess so :) And yes they are XD
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Gah! The links don't work ;3; And I would love to have these two on my computer~ Is there another way of getting these two?
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If there is, im not sure, That link has been there for a very long time, only now have i realized its gone.....dang..
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I'm sad. The link was taken down!
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What? really? I didnt know that! D:>
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i'll never get the shimeji TT^TT
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Sometimes happens to me too...not all the shimejis i can get...
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They're both so cute!!

I have one problem though :B I downloaded it from the links you shared, but when I extracted the files a bunch of the pictures aren't working :c Did you run into the same problem?
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....no...not really \:, though downloading Goku and Vegeta's Shimejis, Goku has a total of 3-4 pictures that arent working and Vegeta has up to 5 pictures that arent working....dunno why....tried to fix it but :iconderpyshrugplz: didnt work
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oh well :I Mine are missing like 11 frames each. I can't really find the download anywhere else either. Aww well, they're still super cute
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