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I've realized that I never shared much stuff about myself and decided that it is time for some shameless self-promotion! Well.. sort of self-promotion.

First of all, probably none of you know that I have a little patreon page running for about a year already!
New Patreon Logo by aketan-adopts


Even though I wasn't quite active recently due some irl things happening and stress, I'm slowly coming back to drawing and actually enjoying it! 
By becoming a patron you're gaining access to a discord server, where wips, sketches and process videos are posted. You can throw some suggestions for monthly fanart, participate in polls and just have a nice chat in the general chat room!

Throwing some more links here:
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] KO-FI - any support is greatly appreciated!
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] TWITTER - mostly just personal ramblings, weird stuff, screaming and updates on life
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] INSTAGRAM - cat photos, flowers, my hands and some weird stuff again, probably?.. 
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] MAIN TUMBLR - general art stuff with a dash of reblogs. I am sad about how rarely I update it. I'll do my best to change it! >3<9
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] GW2 TUMBLR - a blog that is dedicated to Guild Wars 2 MMORPG. I LOVE this game and I hope that I'll find a way to deal with motion sickness to get back to actually playing it QvQ I mean - you get to play huge cats with horns and flamethrowers! Or salad tree people that glow in the dark! Or little snarky geniuses that are smarter than the rest of the world! This game is a gem.

You can try this game for free!

Use THIS LINK to register your fresh account and just start playing! (yes, this is my referral link, please use it u3u ~♥)
You can also buy Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansions using THIS LINK (wow, another referral link! smooth!.. )
Gwpof by aketan-adopts

Thank you! ♥♥♥

My sis Tahikoro is making adopts now! And they are GOOOOOOD.
Currently there are some dragonborn kids open. It's an auction that will last till Thursday! GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CAN.
DnD - Dragonborn adopts ack [CLOSED] by Tahikoro
So I travelled to my hometown to chill at parents' place, and I wasn't lucky I guess?
News by aketan
Currently I have Clip Studio back in working order, my tablet still doesn't work, so I gotta get used to niece's smol and not so sensitive tablet, and all my WIPs are just GONE, which is sad, but I guess I can start everything from fresh page? Haha... maybe i was cursed a bit =v=;;

I'm sorry for this - drawing will take so much more time now. It's frustrating =v=;;; I thank you for your patience anD JUST HOPE NOTHING WILL BREAK EVEN MORE HAHAHA.
Everything will be fine in two weeks when I come back to Petersburg, to my PC uvu/

In good news: my cat still remembers me and likes me! : D
Ohoho, haven't updated my journal for ages! Oh boyyy, I have so much to tell you! So, what's new?

* It's commission time! ♥ * 

First of all, I've opened commissions! Again! Yay! :D Updated info can be found HERE!
UPD: my commissions are closed for now >W<;;
* Also! My wonderful friend Ever-Evi has her commissions open, too! Her commission info can be found HERE! Check it out~! ♥ * 
Commission - Rhioss from the shiverpeaks by Ever-EviCute mistress of mechs by Ever-Evi
Alicia by Ever-Evibunnies! by Ever-Evi

* Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is coming out soon! * 

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - SOON by aketanEeee, it's happening! Honestly, I have no idea what will happen next, and how poor Commander will deal with all the stuff that keeps coming at him... I DO hope that we will hear something about Glint's legacy, Aurene and maybe about Gleam?? I HOPE WE WILL. The new maps of expansion are going to be stunning, and that new guildhall? I want to live there. You can pre-purchase Path of Fire here: Buy Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire!
Oh, and if you haven't tried Guild Wars 2 yet - you can do it right now! Play Guild Wars 2 for FREE
Also gotta say that if you use the links above to purchase the expansion or make an account, it will support me a bit! >w< I am proud to announce that I've joined Arenanet's Creative Partner Program, which means more fun and a bit more events! >w<9

* Patreon: tier rewards updated and upgraded! * 

Patreon Launch! by aketan
I don't talk about Patreon much, but I feel I gotta mention it - at least sometimes! This way you can support me and get some cute and cool rewards, like Patreon feed with all the sketches and WIPs and progress steps. There are also some cool suggestion boxes and monthly commissions, too! I've upgraded tier rewards to be able to give my supporters more stuff >w<9
Check it out!
*  Big news! I've launched my Patreon page today ♪ * 
* A couple of info posts are already there, and I am going to upload some more posts of examples of what rewards will look like! * 
* Check it out! * 
Patreon Launch! by aketan
* Don't like Patreon? Then you can... buy me a coffee! * 
Buy Me a Coffee at


This account's not dead, aha. I promise I'll post more stuff and will do it more regularly. I do post more stuff on Tumblr though xD

Some changes happened in my life, such as moving to other city to live with my buddy (hey there, people from Saint Petersburg). We found a good apartment to rent, and though at first we didn't have a workplace, now all is set up and ready for work. Yay!


Commissions: CLOSED
Trades: CLOSED
Requests: CLOSED


 Picarto Tumblr Twitter

Commission Time [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 2:20 AM
IMPORTANT STATUS UPD: commissions are closed. For now. Queue list is full, all spots are taken. Thank you!

I'm back from the deepest depth of personal Hell, full of energy and motivation, though a little bit ill (again! caught a cold, meh).

Probably some of you already noticed that I've updated commission info. Chibis are gone from the list, but if you really need a chibi commission, send me a note. Simple doodles and flat lineless options are now available~

Also: sometimes I do streams, and probably some of simple doodles will be done during these streams. I will make an announcement post on tumblr  an hour or so before the stream start. Come say hi on my channel~

Warlords of Draenor

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 11:33 AM
I like it so far. Talador and Shadowmoon Valley are beautiful, and I hope that Horde's locations are awesome, too. I am impressed uvu Though I haven't hit 100 lvl yet :I
Talbuks are important. Talbuks and their magnificent fabulous tails.

Summer Time

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 7:45 PM
Commissions are ... bam! Closed. Note me to get in the queue for the next time!

1. NarexX
2. SabyPixie
3. tywren79
4. Snaiperskaya
5. CamillusCactus

Also, I've changed my tumblr nickname a little, so the URL has changed too. I was informed that on that previous URL there is a NSFW blog now... well, this is not me definitely. Follow the link for some doodles!

Commissions and stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 3:56 PM
Heeey! Look what I've got.
Pocket Fighter styled Witch by a5he3
It's my Candy Witch in Pocket Fighter style by a5he3 ^o^ (I think that she'd have a lot of long-ranged attacks and rapid broom swipes!) Thank you, Ashez! :>
Commissions are still closed.
1. oKaiba
2. Derathon

- - - - - - - -

Sketch Commissions - open!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 12, 2014, 5:47 PM
Oh, the New Year! Let's improve, move forward and make a lot of awesome things in this year, too >w< ♪
Sketch commissions are now open. Also - this is important - I've updated commission info ( ); the prices there are set for colored sketches. Want them black and white? Note me, and we'll talk it over!
Some examples:
  heey ladies by aketan Reading by aketan Pandawa Summer by aketan Burning by aketan The sketchbook by aketan
And some slots :>
1. Shraxxy
2. Derathon
3. Saetairo
4. CamillusCactus
5. Kaylir
6. T-Ticky
7.  -
8. - - - and so on...

Note me! ♪
- - - - - - - -

Commission Time! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 6:49 PM
Yep, commissions are now ... oh, already closed, all slots are taken. As I promised, two first slots are already reserved (/wave to Narexx and Derathon). Note me! ♫

1. NarexX

2. Derathon
3. Saetairo
4. Pyrod-Matt
5. perfectdoll
6. a5he3

UPD: Ooooh, just remembered about requests. I'll do some simple doodles •_•
1. the-time-thief
2. Amberony
3. Hirfael9

* * *

What time is it? Commission time!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 26, 2013, 9:30 AM
Status: open for commissions. For now - only chibi, sketches/line and flats :I
I've also updated commission info - it's here.

1. Kyt666

Chibi slots:
1. NarexX
2. Cecaangyal
3. T-Ticky
4. amilira
Sketch/lineart slots:
1. T-Ticky
Flats slots:
1. T-Ticky
2. Saetairo

Note me ♫
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
Okay, there's one thing I want to tell anyone who wants to take pics of my OCs for their character sheets: don't take them without permission.

Commission status: closed.

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I've realized that New Year's Eve is on next Saturday. ON. NEXT. SATURDAY.

That semester passed way too quick; I have to prepare for my end-of-term exams... and for the New Year celebration (as we never celebrate Xmas in December). I have no plans for the holidays though - except playing WoW, drawing and RPing.

This year was nice - hope next year will be awesome!

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September and the first week of October - and I'm quite busy with teaching practice in school. Ayup, I do kinda a cosplay of a teacher. I'm not a person who can teach others, and also - children nowadays aren't motiveated enough to study well (all is that damned Internet's fault!)

Ah, I've started a little tumblr blog
♪♫ It's called Dream Fighter, just like my favourite song of Perfume ♫

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