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WoW:: Manawyrm hunt

Once upon a time there was a young high elf mage who tried to catch a manawyrm... well, she did catch him, but flags and bushes took a lot of damage.
Commission of :iconesmene: - her mage Moraea.
Commission info: [link]
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I wonder how often they have to replace the flags and bushes in the bool elf starting area due to those spells?
SakuraDrawingPencil's avatar
I really love the background!
artist2point5's avatar
Nice picture. I like the colors and lineart, and the character is very cute. Really great job ;)
Thesembo's avatar
She's a high elf? :? High elves have blue eyes, though, don't they?
aketan's avatar
Yes, usually high elves have blue\light blue eyes, but it was said somewhere that they also can have green, violet or even red eyes. It's rare, but I think it's possible )
Thesembo's avatar
Oh was it? o n o I think I heard the violet one...

Bah it's been far too long since I've looked at this.. game/universe.
Krysella's avatar
So rare to see pictures of blood elves doing stuff! And this is a very nice one as well!
aketan's avatar
Thank you very much :3
KitzelTheMuse's avatar
This is so adorable. <3
aketan's avatar
Why, thank you ♥
DesoPL's avatar
Hah look so cute this blood elf with manawyrm. :) Really cute. :)
aketan's avatar
Thank you *3*
I like cuteness :3
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Так его, так! За хвост его! :hungry:
aketan's avatar
За что попался, за то и схватили xD
Хорошо, что по эльфийке не попал :}
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