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Purikura Photoshop Kit

Okay well it's a set of brushes AND patterns, so I wasn't quite sure where to put this. Anyway this was my project for the past two days:

It's a set to make purikura on your computer~ :D

All instructions are on the image (also included in download)

Enjoy :D
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Thank you! This came in handy for me.
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Thank you so much for this <3
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Thank you for making this! <33
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I tried it out, very very cute!
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I will try it!, so I'm downloading, Thank you!! C:
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This is awesome! (*O*)
donde puedo descargarlo?
umm, where can i download this? :D
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how does the pen work?
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Very cute! Thank you for sharing. <3
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This kit is so awesome! Thanks so much for making this! :iconiloveyouplz:

But for some reason my ps can't load the .asl files. ;____; I've no idea why... help anyone? |D
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Can i work with newer versions?
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OMG THANKS i always wished i can do this on my computer Q v Q
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Great kit! I used it on this image: [link]
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These are cute; downloading :D
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Oh my gosh!! :D

This is amazing!! :D :iconloveloveplz:
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where is the download link or something??
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you are my hero. O:
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