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tribal fox head tattoo

my favourite animal the fox.... did a tribal tattoo of a fox's head :D
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7 mm
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Jul 23, 2011, 5:44:25 PM
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Hey I found this image through google and was wondering if i could use it as a tattoo on my shoulder :3

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hay my friend tigerwolf54 had found this picture on the internet and used it for a shirt but didnt know it belonged do you mind if she uses it as long as she credits you?
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yep thats perfectly fine :D
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I already took it down and removed the fox thing, don't even bother.
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but look at the comments everyone got permission and was asked to credit so i think it wouldn't be fair if everyone else could use it but you couldn't! that's just bullshit!
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It really doesn't matter.
First off, I thought it was a WOLF and not a fox, so it wouldn't have worked anyway.
Second: It DOES look better without it.
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ok ok as long as your happy ^^
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Thanks for being nice though ^///^
AWESOME!!!! Can I use this as a logo for my rap group? I'll credit you when necessary
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Hey, I'm trying to make a cover for one fanfic of mine and I saw this. Can I use it to create the cover?
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sure :D ...just credit me tho alright? c:
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ok, surely I will. Thanks ^^
man, I really love your works... for sure
can I use this as logo for my team logo?? and I hope you don't mind if I modified this work a little..
I really appreciate this...
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certainly you can :D ...just credit me when necessary ^.^
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wow ... in all strangeness ... i did a A5 pencil Tribal for a Tatoo project ... around the same time as you (assuming it was in july 2011 ...) i still waited 5 years (roughly) before having it done, totally similar ... although mine was supposed to be a spotted Hyena instead of a fox. (hence the thicker back mane and muzzle, which should have been a little wider ... as it is it looks more like a Striped Hyena muzzle ) altho since i only drew it on a paper and left it aside ... i thought it was only me ... or i was unconsiously influenced by yours... not sure, i can't remember if i did ever see yours before today 

now i feel like i would have to credit you ... :D (Big Grin)

it's now sitting on my right shoulder, did it this morning, 13.06.2016 10AM @ "Fat Tatoo Boy" shop in Aguilas, Murcia, Spain (i am Swiss myself ... but getting it done during my holidays was cheaper xD 100€ instead of 250chf(~229.66€ ))

all in all, your drawing is really nice (er drawing ... it's a CAD, right? ) 
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So many people have stolen this drawing of mine so I don't know what to believe anymore but if you credit me I would appreciate it.
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Well I know I did a pencil drawing on a A5 without model in 2011 (I do quite a lot drawing in tribal style for friend's) but it's still so much disturbing, even if it's supposed to be a different animal (I'm more Hyena/Aardwolf than foxes,except maybe for Desert Fox) that I would credit you back anyway 😀
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Ermagerd! Heart Love :FluffyLa: 
I sent you a note! 
Hi, may I use this art as a logo?
Akeleu-Wolf's avatar
Sure c: ...just remember to credit ok ^.^
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Hey man! Im loving your work!!!
I was wondering if you want to test your self on a request?! I you have time ofc! Also wondering if you cost?
I'm a music producer, needing a rebrand and I was wondering if you could kinda do a logo similar too seven lions or illenium?
If possible a dragon would be a most desirable creature but a gryphon or wolf would be fine. Ill have you link for art ect in bio's/descriptions ofc

But hey no stress, if you dont want to ahaha thanks!!
Akeleu-Wolf's avatar
I'm always up for requests c: ...terrible with getting them done quickly though I'm afraid... Still got a request from someone I need to get done... And I do commissions for free c: 
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