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Just a gnocca3

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If Julia Stiles were to play either this character, or Sophitia from Soul Calibur,

this is remotely CLOSE to what she would look like.
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Ho visto che nel gruppo mancava un po' di gnocca e quindi ti ho fatto le richieste ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin)
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Beautiful. Very well detailed and the colors are gorgeous.
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well this is a really amazing work. like, really, it is. it seems hard for her to fight with such armor, though. with one swing of an enemy's sword at her belly, she would be super dead, hahaha. 
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I really like the picture.  This is my favorite of the gnocca set.  The spear looks awesome and I like how original the spear looks.
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О да, она конечно же выживет благодаря ТАКОЙ броне)))
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great work !!
Davvero Bello!!! Complimenti
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Ti ringrazio!
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Just a GNOCCA!!! ... morto dalle risate!!! Bellissima! :D
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Eheheh, non sapevo che titolo dargli :P
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fenomenale va benissimo questo! XD XD
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yeah i like it man ! Like serephent said she looks like more a warrior !
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Thanks! (sorry for the late reply, too busy!)
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I really like how she seems like a REAL woman- with curves and muscle and not a size 0 model that could never even wield that weapon.
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That was exactly where I was aiming since that's the kind of woman I like (so she's still quite idealized), although I must admit she could have been a bit more muscular, but then again she's just a priestess so armor and weapons are mainly for a ceremonial purpose... I think they made a very good job with the character of Brienne of Tarth played beautifully by Gwendoline Christie on the TV series Game of Thrones, she actually looks like a real warrior... But now I'm digressing, thanks for your kind comment!
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00 god i love her BUTT! I dont mean that in a lesbian way, but in a omg, a real woman, who could actually wear such armour and still walk! :w00t: and she's gorgeous

Critique :
I was immediately struck by the fact that you've put just as much attention and work in her face, as you have the sensual aspects. Many artists do gorgeous bods, gorgeous armour, but then the face is kind of glossed over. Not yours- amazing, unusual armour and weapon, nice and crisply executed. Beautiful, unusual body, lovely skin tones, again, executed perfectly (I'm so loving that she's not a waif, can you tell?). And the fact that she's not so skinny gives her presence, power- she looks powerful, her pose, her build. But then you've put the same amount of work into her face- her face is the kicker. Strong, independant, and the light coloured eyes draw your attention TO her face, despite other bulging... attributes. :lol:
The only suggestion i would dare to make is this: the texture overlaying the close up in the back ground is a little heavy, and dark. It distracts. Having her there is awesome, but the texture could be screened back a little, a little more faint, or at least, softer in the middle. Fade the close up girl back a little more if you are worried about her overshadowing- perhaps thats the answer here? Either way, the background, though awesome, is a little too powerful.

Just my :twocents: :aww:
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Wow my first critique ^_^ Thank you! I must agree with you for the background, it really is too heavy, I'll keep it in mind for my next works!
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cant wait to see them! :D
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