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Illustration for the Dragons'Lair Calendar 2010 [link]

Here is part of the painting process: [link]
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You wouldn't know how many times this beautiful fellow has been reposted without crediting you, which is saddening.

BUT, I found you! :D A friend uploaded this to his facebook in an album with 'dragon pictures', gave him a good lecture about crediting artists ;) He's an aspiring artist, he should know better.

Beautiful work, glad to finally have found it and the creator :)
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Hi there!

Thanks for the heads up and the compliments! I must say, though, that I'm personally not that bothered by uncredited sharing (as long as one's not taking the credit himself); of course I think it's a good thing to credit the author of a piece, mainly because you give people a chance to find other works by the same author that way, but I also understand that people many times share things without thinking too much, it's become such an automatic everyday gesture that I can't really blame anyone for that.
Anyway, thank you very much again!
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Well, at least it had your signature on it still, so there's that at least :) And hey, it got me to find another artist to follow on here ;)
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Awesome! I like how unique it looks, it clearly stands out from this common type of dragon I often see when browsing deviantart. :+fav:
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Thank you! I'd love to paint more dragons but they don't come around as often as I would like :P
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It's an amazing artwork! well done! :clap:
I love pictures that are so real looking, and the colors are so vibrant.
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Thank you! I can see many flaws now (it's an old work), but overall I'm still quite happy with the result
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lol i saw your speed paint at youtube...which brought me here to your work....u have mad skills!
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i see you painting this work in youtube
very gooooooooooooooood

sorry , my ingles
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Hey thanks! Be sure to check out my youtube channel in these weeks, I'll be adding a new video!
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like I'll have to type in youtube to find this work?
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as soon as I upload it I'll send you a note with link ;)
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wonderful work :)
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This excellent artwork is featured in my journal. [link]
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Wow, this is really great! (But you knew that ;))
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