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Commission for Elathria

Another commission up, being late on uploading but I feel like my backgrounds are... getting better sort ofish ahaha! Thank you for you patience! I'm gonna start working on the second commission now, but I wanna mention how much fun was going back to drawing digimon, I'd say I started getting into sharing more of my fanarts on the internet with Digimon, so it was a pleasure sort of "going back to my routes" had to study Kizuna style though, because even if it's the most similar to DA01 it still has it's own uniqueness, the colors of the movie are so pretty too huh.... not used to it bein less watercolory style ahaha! Man I miss drawing koumimi ahaha!

Thank you again for commissioning me! :heart: ;;

Candice Kamiya © Elathria
Daisuke Motomiya / Davis Motomiya © Hirokishi Kohei
© Akeemi-chan
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Just who Daisuke-kun needed and deserved! 😊