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P2u Wolf

- Can be used for adoptables, character references etc
- The base may not be resold, given away, traded, or shared (this includes collaborations)
- Do not remove my signature
- Do not use the lines in any way if you have not purchased them
- Base is transparent and has separate layers for base color, eyes, nose, etc
- File was intended to be used to SAI
- Please message me if you want to purchase this file with PayPal
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© 2019 - 2021 akaytu
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Hello there! I was wondering if your lovely bases can be used for paid "Your Character Here" art if we set them in a scene? If not, no worries, I just had to ask! <3

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Thank you!^^
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This is amazing. Totally buying once I get more points. Would be wonderful to do more of these P2U’s.
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gorgeous <3 that is one adorable wolf. good job.
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This is beautiful!! 
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Thank you! <3
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Darn it why did you upload this after I already turned off my computer to go to bed?! Hahaha jk but Ahh this is so gorgeous <3 can't wait to use it tomorrow!!
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Haha aww, thank you! <3
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You must really be sleepy! Hehe you replied to me instead of a new comment oops zzzz
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LOL wow hahaha guess I was!! XD 
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