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[MYO ANNIE] Fuyuhime



Blessing names:
 American Eskimo Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
How many Blessings:
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

    Neither america or eskimo origin, the American Eskimo are actually descendant of the German Spitz , come in three sizes(toy,miniature,standard) standing from as tall as 19 inches to as short as 9 inches.

    They're a highly trainable dog breed with great agility receiving their fame as popular circus dogs in the early 1900s. Nowadays they are mainly family dogs(still often seen in dog shows) admire for their dense, sparkly white coat, a smiling face, and a fluffy tail usually curl on their back. They're sure to steal your hearts to never regret the 3+hour grooming session.

However, don't let these innocent face fool you, although affectionate, loyal and intelligent, they are stubborn with high energy often prone to separation anxiety and can be potentially destructive when bore. If you're not careful, these clever fluff balls will have you fully wrap in their tiny paws.


"Bloodlines are insignificant in the eye of a true princess~"

Despite her beauty and charisma, the dog blessing Annie with a silver crown stuck on her head is only a princess by name. She's actually an orphan, warmly born on the winter land.

Fuyuhime(Fuu) takes great pride in her light-weighted long silky hair, a gift from her blessing, groom often with extra care.
She's an energetic and intelligent girl, but an extremely bad liar, the movement of her perky ear and fluffy tail are instant giveaways of her true emotion.

Fuyuhime have a special love for food. Bless with a dog's senses, she enjoys her meal much more than normal people, anyone who waste food will get scolded by her.
She's also an expertise in jewelry, her nose can help you find the most quality gem miles away.

Although Fuyuhime is bold and very sociable, she craves for affection. With staring puppy eyes, are you willing to give her pats? Puppy-love :D  

Art and Design by Akayam 
Annie Specie by Yamio

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Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

Ahh, she looks so warm and fluffy! All the fur linings and her long hair looks super soft and plush~ Blue, white and gold is a favourite palette of mine, and she really does it justice! So highstanding, yet approachable at the same time!

periifuu's avatar

Ooo wowww~ She's really pretty and floofy too! I really like her personality too and yes. I would give her pats~♥♥♥

Elsiikun's avatar

Waaaa she's so beautiful~! I adore the very winter-y theme of her design that is also combined with a bit of royalty, I like how her crown adorning her head is hung on her ear instead of centre of head. I love the very details of the fluffy fur of her winter coat-like dress, the boots, her smooth silky hair, and the use of white and purple/indigo colors which really fit the cold-theme of her blessing~!

Endiria's avatar
it's so pretty aww! <3
Akayam's avatar
thank you!! Happy new year~<3
gymnosophist's avatar

:iconawwplz:  :heart:   Happy Holidays!

Akayam's avatar
Thank u! Happy holiday to you too~<3
gymnosophist's avatar
:D :heart: You’re dearly welcome… Thank you… 
SunnyAndShadow's avatar

omg she's absolutely adorable!

Akayam's avatar
thank you so glad~<3
Akayam's avatar
//happy puppy eye and waggy tail [Annoying Dog Emote] DogWantTLC 
normalpxrson's avatar
Hey, good job keep being creative!
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NixTheFoxArtist's avatar
She is so adorable!!😊
Akayam's avatar
thank you so much~<3
NixTheFoxArtist's avatar
You are very welcome 😊
Akayam's avatar
IceySkiez's avatar
Omg I'm in love QwQ such a gorgeous design. Aaaah! Lovely job! <3 
Akayam's avatar
thank you so much~ I’m glad she’s love~<3
Ui-Azuma's avatar
;v; she is so beautiful....
Akayam's avatar
thank you Ui~ She’s a happy pup~<3 Puppy-love :D 
Ui-Azuma's avatar
You're welcome. :)
Aww thats good. :D 
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