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Board Game Concept

A board game concept most similar to the classic Battleship.
> Two teams (as many players per team)
> If you are on the blue side, you can not see the enemy's game pieces on the red side, however, if a red team game piece crosses into the blue side, blue team will be able to see it
> If you are on the blue side and you have a game piece on the red side, you can see your own game piece, but not the other team's game pieces (subject to change)

> Can not cross thick black line in middle (wall)
> Game pieces can occupy 1-4 little squares (up to 1 big square), depending on the size of the game piece (ship / vehicle / unit)
> Water-based game pieces can not move on the land tiles and land-based game pieces can not move on the water tiles
> Game pieces can move in any direction (forward, side, backward, diagonal) 
> Movement distance depends on the individual game piece's attributes

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Created as a school project.
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