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How to disappear completely
Friday 5.30pm, and my face was pressed to the armpit of another man, with the leather strap almost cutting off the blood supply to my hand.  The groin of a stranger was touching my back every time the carriage cornered.  A girl breathed hot chocolate into my ear.  It sounds erotic, now I think about it, but it wasn’t.  The only way I can cope with that squeeze of people, the second-hand air of three hundred diseased strangers on the Jubilee Line, is by going into myself.  I become utterly absorbed in the music on my ipod.  Ray Davies is singing only to me.  Sometimes I accidentally mouth the words and attract the disinterested but opprobrious glances of bystanders.
There was a wasp in the carriage, battling frantic against the window to escape to the blurring black brick beyond.  I watched it for five minutes by sidelong glances before it crossed into the radar of a fellow commuter.  She screamed, dropped her briefcase and stood on som
:iconfyoot:fyoot 169 35
8 Ways to Help You Write Without Writing
1. Go for a Jog. No really, you should. Even though it is sort of built into the stereotype of writers that we should never get out-and let alone even think about being fit-perhaps it is time that you ignore that stereotype for the sake of your writing quality.
According to a study by journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, people who exercise regularly do far better on tests of creativity than those who do not exercise. More creativity means more writing ideas, so getting into shape and exercising regularly might just be the final ingredient in making your novels shine.
2. Unplug the Internet. In the famous words of an unknown writer, “'Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet,’ and it could not be more true. How often do you go on the internet  for some research or to find a song, then suddenly find that an hour has past and you are suddenly on facebook or twitter without even knowing you did so?
There are two w
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 420 83
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Bemused Lucas
Finally got some copics and drew this. I like how it turned out =D

Lucas (C) me
Fence - Seiji Nosebleed
I really need to post more art I do... This is a super quick 30 min sketch where I put effort into the lineart then none into anything else ='D Wasn't going to post it since it's so rough, but I think Fence needs more fanart than it has.

Been reading the comic Fence by C.S. Pascat and Johanna the Mad. I have a feeling it's going to be quite a while before Seiji starts to warm up to Nicholas, so here's a picture of him getting mad over Jesse Coste (yet being strangely attracted cause of his amazing fencing skills; I don't know, I added the nosebleed and thought bubble in two seconds cause I thought it would be funnier...looking back, I defs should have done it as Nicholas but he needs to improve his fencing more)

Might do more pictures of him in future. He is adorbz. Definitely give the comic a read (only up to issue 9 currently, but I'm happy to say I'm definitely going to be in it for the long haul).

Seiji is best.
The Akatsuki After Death
Believe it or not, but this is a long needed re-draw on a picture I did in 2009. akatsukimemberwoolfy.deviantar…

I was very proud of it back then, and I still can't really bring myself to be too critical since I wouldn't have this drawing today if I hadn't ever drawn that one back then. I'll rewrite the concept from the original:

I started to weigh up the crimes of each of the Akatsuki and decide how redeemable they were and where they would be put between heaven and hell.


Itachi: Does he really need a reason? Also don't worry, he isn't running away from Kisame; he's probably running off to stop Sasuke from doing something stupid.
Hidan: Yes, he killed a lot, but he was a very religious character. Sure it was a cult, but that's the reasoning I gave 9 years ago, so...
Kisame: I always got a more light-hearted atmosphere from Kisame. In the end (spoilers) he committed suicide to keep his organisation safe (contrary to Deidara).
Konan: Feel kind of sad that I have to add her now since the creation of the original...Again, good intentions
White Zetsu: Drew the original before there were billions. He always seemed more light hearted, despite the cannibalism


Sasori: As much as I love Sasori, you can debate that he has the highest body count in the Akatsuki with his collection of human puppets (since the majority of his victims probably weren't converted), but that's just off the top of my head.
Deidara: Committed suicide for selfish reasons.
Nagato: Actually remembered to have him as Nagato rather than Pein...He was more active in his goals than Konan, despite the good intentions. Also them other Pein bodies...
Kakuzu: Greed. Miser. Money. Yay.
Black Zetsu: Did actually end up being the evil side...Apparently I could predict things back then; who knew?

Also, don't be sad about half the members being in hell: they're the Akatsuki. They'd thrive anywhere and soon enough would probably be running the place...

Took me maybe 13 or so hours...watched so many movies while drawing it. So. Many. Movies. Worked hard to try to give them different postures/positions as well.

Best Regards,
Team Hero
My main trio from a book I've been writing, known currently as 'Match Made in Heaven' although it's just a working title. Dumb little book that's a bit of a subversion of the whole character-goes-to-mystical-land-and-ends-up-as-the-only-one-who-can-defeat-the-evil-Demon-King trope. From left to right, these characters are Euphemia, Lucas (The Hero of Hammersey) and Quinn, although these names are still subject to change. Together they must take down the four evil Generals of the evil Void King to save the not-evil land from total evil destruction! If only the Hero of Hammersey didn't have amnesia...

    “So?” Euphemia huffed, “She deserves to know. I can’t stand that cliché where one character has some big secret they want to tell their romantic interest, but knows they will be hated if they tell them, then a third character comes along and reveals the secret anyway. The romantic interest gets upset and runs off which then leads to a big dramatic scene in the rain. It makes my skin crawl.”

    Quinn nodded, “She’s right, Hero. Also, just for the record, I was lying earlier when I said-”

    Lucas shot him a look, “I don’t care about your backstory at the moment, Quinn. We have bigger fish to fry right now.”

Characters (C) Me


AkatsukiMemberWoolfy has started a donation pool!
529 / 1,000
Gimmie at least 1 point and I give you Llama XD ...Okay, so I won't give you a Llama since it won't fit in an envelope, but I'll give you a Llama badge XD

Any Spare Points? Pwetty Pwease? With SasoDei ontop?

I've decided I will do commissions for points ^-^

Writing Commission - 100 points (see below)

-No pairings containing OC's
-I don't really mind about character sexuality; Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai are fine
-I have to agree with the pairing, and I am free to deny a commission if I do not like the pairing
-It does not have to necessarily be an Akatsuki pairing, or even a Naruto one; I have seen quite a few other anime and I like a lot of pairings from other shows, such as KuroFai, AkuRoku and DouWata
- I can write sequels to already existing stories, but only the shorter ones such as Fangs and Fur and The Goldfish, but I can deny depending on my feelings about the existing story
- If you want me to follow a specific idea or plot, I have to like it for obvious reasons
- I cannot help how long or short the story is. I'll write as much as I am able to, some stories just can't be stretched out and some cant be squished in.
- Please send me a note so we can discuss before paying

Lineart- 25 points
Coloured picture- 50 points (1 character)
55 points (2 characters)
60 (3 characters)

Send me a note if you're interested ^-^ (I dont draw explicit stuff. No full-nudity either)

^-^ thank you

You must be logged in to donate.

Chapter One


As White as Blood


Allow me to introduce myself before our time commences. My name is Sasori of the Red Sand, born in the village of Sunagakure, a mass-murderer by the age of…I was a member of an 'evil' organisation known simply as the Akatsuki, originally joining at the ripe old age of sixteen years, although unofficial until I was twenty. I was a member in this criminal group until I died for the second time - yes, second - at the age of thirty-five. Perhaps I was even still considered a member of the Akatsuki when I perished for a third and final time…An ex-member, perhaps.


I digress. I will not keep this exposition lengthy, dear listener, for I dare to test your attention span. This is a long story and I will attempt to keep it as short as humanely and as humbly possible. If I have lost you already, here is my simple summary: I was a monster. An inhuman beast considered 'bad' by idiots and protagonists alike.

For those who wish to continue, I will simply state what exposition needs to be stated. My story began the way most lives generally begin. My parents met at fifteen, were married at nineteen, and had a beautiful baby boy this selfsame year. Yes, a beautiful baby boy that cried when it was born, no different from any other newborn that day. This little creature was I, Sasori Yoshiko. My parents were not my only relatives for I also had my Granny Chiyo and my granduncle Ebizo. They looked after me a lot for my parents were Shinobi, ninjas trained in the deadly arts from a young age that were often away. They were rarely home, but I never doubted their love.


All in all, life was dull and ordinary for those first five years. However, everything changed in that year I turned five and that is where this journey shall commence. In my many short years of life, I earned myself many dear friends and dear enemies. Some were too loyal for their own good, some insane and sadistic. Most were just plain stupid.


Enough exposition; let us commence. You will now experience first-hand the trials and tribulations - the metamorphosis - that changed the poor Sasori Yoshiko into the grand Sasori of the Red Sand. You will see the many I wronged and the few wrongs that I righted.


The curtains are raising and the audience is untempered. Let us start at the beginning, before my soul was as white as blood.

  • Listening to: -
  • Reading: Who knows?
  • Watching: Animu
  • Playing: With people's hearts.
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: More souls.


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