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[RG] Team Pugnacious



Team Pugnacious | Roaring Icebergs


Species: Taillow
Nature: Naive (+Spd | -Sp. Def)
Characteristic: Loves to Eat (+HP)
Ability: Guts (status problem = +atk)
Move set: 
:iconnormaltypeplz: Boomburst (target all) [egg] :iconflyingtypeplz: Peck 
:iconflyingtypeplz: Aerial Ace (ignore acc/eva) :iconfightingtypeplz: Quick Guard (protect team from +1) (acc drops if used consecutively) 

A lively Tailow who decides to go join one of the guilds in Rift City for a change in life. Unfortunately, she loses her way there and gets quite famished while she's lost. Overwhelmed, as this is also the first journey she has taken without her parents, she starts to cry. Her sobs are soon heard by Aya, who attempts to help her by offering food. Without hesitation, Tori accepts the berries Aya present to her and happily eats them. Now, extremely grateful to her "savior", Tori asks if there is anything she can do in return. Aya rejects the offer, not wanting anything, and goes to leave. Disappointed, Tori asks where Aya is headed. If they were going similar ways, they could travel partway together she thought. To Tori's surprise, Aya instead admits that she's just wandering around and looking for somewhere to live. Tori immediately asks if Aya would like to join a guild with her. She mentions how she was heading to Rift City, where by joining one of the guilds there, they would be given housing in the city as well! Impressed and possibly just concerned for Tori, Aya agrees to join her.


Species: Scizor
Nature: Mild (+Sp. Atk | -Def) 
Characteristic: Proud of its Power (+Atk) 
Ability: Technician ("+") (+weaker moves) 
Move set:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Razor Wind (+cirt) (2t) :iconnormaltypeplz: Double Hit (+) (2h)
:iconnormaltypeplz: Feint (+) (only hits if protect etc. used by op) :iconsteeltypeplz: Bullet Punch (+) (+1)

A calm Scizor who recently left her home for currently unknown reasons. While traveling, she hears Tori's crying and tries to help her. She offers some of the berries she keeps with her in her travel sack and is surprised to see Tori readily accept and eat them. Tori thanks Aya repeatedly, and even asks if she can do anything in return, but Aya denies the request. Upon leaving, Tori asks where Aya is heading, and feeling no reason to hide it, she explains to Tori that she is traveling around and has no home to call her own. Tori quickly suggests that Aya should come with her to Rift City, as the guild system allows teams a starter home. After some hesitation, Aya agrees, impressed by Tori's energetic nature, but mostly just worried Tori might get lost again.

Job 3: Guarded Heart (not complete)
Mission 3: Hidden Threat 
Mission 4: Assault on Attwell (collab)

Inventory/Homeowner App
Mission 3: +5 Meobans, Gon-goggles, Furniture Voucher
Mission 4: +5 Meobans, Attwell Flag, Furniture Voucher 

finally done omg
this took so long to finish otl
probably not going do this much with my cinders app haha;;; 
i wanted to challenge myself with these two
so hopefully i'll get better at drawing birds and figure out how to draw aya in general (it took forever to figure how a sitting position would look lol) also the about section turned more into a "how they met" section instead whoops;;;; 

moves and abilities are all linked, but i personally just did shorthand descriptions of the effects as well to remember them better (just in case anyone is wondering what all those are) species also linked cause why not
original size is also available through the download button just in case this size is too small to read text uwu);; 
thanks for looking!
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Seem like some cool characters! Love the way they met too, what a relief for Tori :D
Reading through their mission comic. Would love to see more adventures with them!