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Asteria's Aftermath - Part 2
It was pretty obvious that Jace and Evals both had their ideas about which way the ball swung when it came down to a fight to the death, and neither of them were backing down. A chilling silence fell over the dining room table as they continued to eat, sour expressions on both of Twerp's friends' faces.
To himself, Twerp already had his own thoughts about the situation. Life and death were a natural part of the world, and Pokémon were naturally built to fight one another so it only made sense that some would live longer than others. He wanted to be strong enough to fight for himself, and that meant he had to be ready to take someone else down if they came at him looking for blood. Jace thought differently, and Evals was out for revenge. He wasn't sure either of them were right even though he could see some good in the way both of them were thinking - Jace wanted to focus on changing someone for good without having to kill, even though they couldn't be sure every bad guy in the wor
:iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 7 8
Asteria's Aftermath - Part 1
Luckily for Berry's immediate needs, Nuri was as prepared as ever and knew exactly where the city clinic was located. The building was only a foot or two elevated off the forest floor, with wooden steps leading up to extended wooden planks that led around the whole structure - which itself was supported by the trunks of several trees that almost seemed like they had grown up and punched straight through it, rather than the clinic being built around the sturdy trunks.

"Berry I swear I'm fine," Jaina sighed, her complaints against the little Nidoran's concern falling ironically deaf against those two giant ears.
"Jaina, you went off looking for trouble and you ended up against a poison-type!" Berry responded haughtily. "That blood on your face aside, I'm not taking any chances that you don't have some sort of toxin in your system so be a good girl while I make sure they can give you a check-up."
It was bad enough indeed that Jaina had gotten a nasty wou
:iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 8 20
Railroaded - Part 1

Sen was floating around the room, examining the bodies of other Magnemites like himself and apparently calling out their names. He had been doing this since they got inside and it was beginning to bother Twerp. Not because he was talking a lot, but because every single name Sen called out, he topped it off with "inactive"... Twerp knew what it meant. He had asked already.
"What are you talking about? Do you mean they're... dead?"
Everything in here was dead. It was bad enough seeing everything all dirty and forgotten, like whoever used to come here had just up and run
:iconzero-zivan:Zero-Zivan 8 2


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Hello! Thank you for viewing my profile!!! Tsuki here!
I'm just an animanga fan that likes cute things and video games. Feel free to look around~.

Danganronpa (v3)|Bandori|No Thank You
Yugioh (Zexal)|Pokemon|Digimon
Soccer Spirits|Show by Rock|Atlus (Trauma Team, EO/U, SMT: DS, P5)
Fire Emblem|Nitro+CHiRAL|MLP:FiM| and others...

Story Groups I'm in!
:iconrival-gates: Team Pugnacious
:iconsky-explorers: Custard (need to update)
:iconpmdunity: Team Taboo Check (need to update)

Awesome sister:
Alternate account: :iconhyperactive-fandom: idk what to really use this for now

Buy Me a Coffee at
  • Listening to: Anime Radio!
  • Playing: Soccer Spirits (so much socspri in my soulllll)
Tagged by :iconorcagirl2001:! Sorry for the lateness!! ouo;;; lol i haven't done one of these in a while! 

1. Which do you like more? Sunshine or Rain? Sunshine! XD It always surprises me that I'm in the minority with this one! Rain just makes me tired and lazy, and storms scare me.;;; 

2. Can you play an instrument? Yes! I played the cello for most of grade school and played piano for a while! Haven't played either for some time though.;;;
3. First anime you ever watched? This is really hard.;; But I think the first anime I watched that I knew was anime was Naruto! The first anime I watched online subbed was Pita-Ten! 
4. How far have you ever traveled? Philippines! Though it was when I was really young so I don't remember it at all! 
5. Most inspiring piece of classic art that speaks to you? (examples: Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Great Wave of Kanagawa) I don't have any. ; v ; I don't look much at classic art.
6. Do you write/have you written fanfiction? Yes. :3c 
7. Favorite (non-anime) cartoon from your childhood? I remember really loving PowerPuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry, and Scooby Doo! For the more "kiddy" shows I really loved Dragon Tales and Cyberchase! (cyberchase was good math show, good math show indeed)
8. Have you ever watched a NASA Space Shuttle launch? (on TV or in-person) Nope!
9. First place you'd visit if you ever went to Japan? Probably Akihabara! 
10. Who/What inspires your artwork? I really like cute stuff and paintery styles. ; v ; Some my favorites artists that inspired me a lot are namie-kun (namface), sui (kalteule), glip (glitchedpuppet), and falvie! 
11. Favorite fruit? Mangoes!!!
12. Have you ever gone star-gazing? No. :c 
13. Who is your most favorite anime character? THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION HOW DARE!!! D: buut if I would have to pick from only anime characters I would have to still cheat and go with 3. They're all from the same show though but my 1st favorite from them always changes so!! They're Mizael, Shark, and Durbe from Yugioh Zexal!  



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Thank you Calvin!! 
i braced myself whenever the guy was on the railroad tracks, the one where he clipped through the entire train tho was amazing
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