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When you're Self-Conscious

Pain ~ “These aren’t things to be judging yourself over.”
Not judging yourself over your appearance right now was easier said than done however, so your boyfriend talked to you for a long time about what would be more important matters of concern. Past mistakes that couldn’t be fixed, dark personality traits. As far as Pain could tell you weren’t affected by those things and for that he was grateful. And although your appearance didn’t matter to him so much, he still found you beautiful.

Konan ~ “Don’t feel that way...”
Your girlfriend knew this was easier said than done, but she really didn’t want your self-conscious thoughts to trouble you when she’s found so much to like about you. If it would make you feel any better, the two of you could give each other makeovers.

Zetsu ~ “Maybe you are putting on a little weight.”
The white side of your boyfriend teased when you told them your concerns about your appearance. This was the last thing you needed to hear and your reaction left both halves of Zetsu feeling a little confused as you ran out of the room crying. After a scolding from Black, White did seek you out and apologised. If anything the extra weight made you more appealing to them, if they would ever get to eat you.

Tobi ~ “You’re beautiful _______!”
Tobi wasn’t going to take any of your protests to this as an answer. If you really felt there was something wrong with the way you were, he was just going to have to stick closer to you than ever before to help you feel appreciated and further go against any suggestions that there might be anything wrong with your appearance.

Kisame ~ “You don’t like the way you look?”
It was a strange turn of events for Kisame to be the one offering you assurance that there was nothing wrong with the way you looked. The most he could think to do was compare his appearance to yours. In his eyes, you were perfect. He just wished there was a better way of bringing this across to you as you so often did for him.

Itachi ~ “_______, you’re the one I love.”
It wasn’t easy having a boyfriend as good looking as Itachi. There was a near constant worry that he might leave you for someone else, though you never saw any signs of that. You tried not to make your concerns so noticeable, but Itachi saw through them. Then, he would show his love for you in any way he could.

Sasori ~ “I could make some improvements.”
You’d guessed it might be a bad idea to tell your boyfriend about your concerns over your appearance. He wasn’t the most reassuring of people, but maybe he was right. You felt bad enough right then to almost go along with his suggestion... That was until he brought out some of the tools he would be using to make you into a puppet like him. Somehow you suddenly became a lot happier about your appearance after that. Sasori was irritated by your change of heart, but part of him was happy too; he’d gotten used to having you around as a human.

Hidan ~ “Why would I ^^:D be going out with you if I didn’t like you the way you were?”
It might not have been the nicest thing Hidan could say after pressuring you into telling him what you were feeling so sensitive about all of a sudden, but he wasn’t going to let anyone think he had low standards when it came to being someone’s boyfriend. Honestly, there wasn’t anything he didn’t like about you and he’d soon let you know if there was.

Deidara ~ “Don’t let it worry you, un.”
Deidara didn’t know what to make of you telling his your self-conscious concerns. He didn’t have a problem like that himself, so it was hard to relate. One thing he knew he wasn’t going to do though was leave you, even with how un-cool you were being. He’d stay by your side even after those worries were gone.

Kakuzu ~ “I’m busy _______.”
Your boyfriend didn’t pay you much attention when you told him your concerns about your appearance, preferring to focus on the Akatsuki’s finances. By the time you gave up on talking to him and left you were feeling worse than you had been before. Later that night however Kakuzu showed you the scars running down his body. Though he didn’t let anyone know it, these were something he was self-conscious about. You’d seen them before, but even still Kakuzu couldn’t see why you wanted to stay with him after that.
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Kisame's was very sweet too
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