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J.A.R.V.I.S. Rainmeter Desktop

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Rainmeter Desktop

Bluevision2.0 -> [link]
Elegance : time in right corner
Electric Space : clock

Wallpaper --> [link]

Do visit my Portfolio @ behance.net/uaftab
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It's a shame, I'd love to support this work, however, with ad-block turned on, we can't download it and if we turn Adblock off, My rig is bombed with really intrusive adverts that do not abide by normal rules.

May I ask you, to Consider changing the ad-link to a company that doesn't enlist intrusive ads, I'd be more than happy to support you then.
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u can take the ad-block off,or u can change a browser without ad-block
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It would seem by your bluntness, that you've interpreted my request with a little hostility,... that is your choice.

My first comment was a way of trying to bring your attention to an issue you may not have been aware of, without having to be so blunt and in public.
This way, I had hoped you'd have taken a look at the adverts default settings, some are set a little too aggressively and you may not have been aware how intrusive the adverts have been. 

These adverts are far more intrusive than others, you have multiple pop-ups, which disable you from clicking "X" - (To Exit the window) and then windows on top of that previous advert, about 6 in all, all disabling you from clicking anywhere, It's called Window Hijacking. 

That is why people have no option but to use Adblockers, It's not the same as it once was, no code of Ethics,... We don't mind supporting and whitelisting Websites or Deviantart Members, for that matter.

Now I've brought it to your attention, maybe you can take a look at the adverts setting, they may be set a little too aggressively, furthermore, I say out of concern, Only! 
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not able to download this skin! the download button gives jpeg image file?
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Rocket787Hobbyist Digital Artist
Come on over to my gallery, and I'll show where to get the skins and show you my skins that do work (when requested).
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Hi,, How to install it in windows 10?
Artbyoh2abq's avatar
Awesome - but sucky that the link does not work only picture dl - please provide additional files ---Thanks
CommanderWeiss's avatar
Why is the link not working? Help pls
Jame5atron's avatar
Same here it comes up with a picture.
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He's awesome too
LuminaLOVER's avatar
LuminaLOVER's avatar
Holy crap dude you're AWESOME
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duydoan1202Student Artist
very beautiful
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No caption needed
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BOB-2717Student Photographer
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MaXstAinHobbyist Digital Artist
i can't download the skins and the wallpaper.
i think the page is down.
pls help
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The Links are up. 
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the link you give for the wallpaper redirects to the main home page now and there's no "goodies" link on the main page.  However, archive.org has the wallpaper; go to
web.archive.org/web/2013051605…   and scroll to the bottom.  Right click on the pic of the MacBook and save the file (its named tron.zip  )   There ya go.  :)

also: damn nice desktop setup!
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Is this a fully-functional UI, or just a fancy looking picture?
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You need to install the skins on rainmeter.
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ThatOrangeDragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
One question: How do you even know what the fuck is going onat any given moment in time xD
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bayleaf111Hobbyist General Artist
holy crap awesome!
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