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    - Enigma
            Skin Download: [enigma.kaelri.com/downloads/]

    - SimplePerfMeters
            Skin Download: [fav.me/d910zwg]

    - Arcs
            Skin Downalod: [enigma.kaelri.com/downloads/]
The Arcs skin is modified from the stock, colors are changed from black to match the wallpaper. 
            The Three Outermost arcs now are :
                    - CPU Usage (White)
                    - Battery (Orange)
                    - Ram Used (Aqua Green)
            The Inner arcs Aqua Green, Blue, Red follow the time hands of the clock. 

Its is the EIN SOF painting by Noah Bradley as part of the Angelarium series.


Check out the description on Angelarium it is well worth the read. 

What is EIN SOF you ask ? Quoting from wikipedia: 

" Ein Sof, or Ayn Sof (/n sɒf/Hebrew: אין סוף), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm, probably derived from Ibn Gabirol's term, "the Endless One" (she-en lo tiklah). Ein Sof may be translated as "no end", "unending", "there is no end", or infinity.[1] It was first used by Azriel ben Menahem, who, sharing theNeoplatonic belief that God can have no desire, thought, word, or action, emphasized by it the negation of any attribute. Of the Ein Sof, nothing ("Ein") can be grasped ("Sof"-limitation). It is the origin of the Ohr Ein Sof, the "Infinite Light" of paradoxical divine self-knowledge, nullified within the Ein Sof prior to creation. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the first act of creation, the Tzimtzum self "withdrawal" of God to create an "empty space", takes place from there. In Hasidism, the Tzimtzum is only the illusionary concealment of the Ohr Ein Sof, giving rise to monistic panentheism. Consequently, Hasidism focuses on the Atzmus divine essence, rooted higher within the Godhead than the Ein Sof, which is limited to infinitude, and reflected in the essence (Etzem) of the Torah and the soul. "

Zohar explains it as: 

Before He gave any shape to the world, before He produced any form, He was alone, without form and without resemblance to anything else. Who then can comprehend how He was before the Creation? Hence it is forbidden to lend Him any form or similitude, or even to call Him by His sacred name, or to indicate Him by a single letter or a single point... But after He created the form of the Heavenly Man, He used him as a chariot wherein to descend, and He wishes to be called after His form, which is the sacred name "YHWH".

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please tell me how do u download the wallpaper?