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Hello Everyone! Sorry for the LONG hiatus. Life had  been quite Busy! 

WELP! I finally say FUG IT! and put in my Quit Notice! This will be my last month of working for someone. I'm going to be Spending All my Time now FOCUSING On my Online Business!

So i hope you guys will help support me there. 
It will be a site consist of DOLL THINGS, COCORONS things, and OTHER CUTESY THINGS!
I'm combining my love for arts and crafts into ONE SITE! 

So please do visit it and show your support in the future~~


Akasarushi/Moomoochi is SPONSORING a California Doll convention~ So therefore! In about a month! We'll be officially opening a Photography Contest for the Convention! For those of you who live in CALIFORNIA~ PLease do check out the convention. It's a ONE DAY convention! VEry fun! We've attended once and been loving it ever since. And i heard they gonna have cupcake bar this year! maybe i'm just hearing things~~~

Anywhoo! Akasarushi will be donating our WIGS to the convention so they can do giveaways!!! yesh~ FREE WIGS!
And!! WINNER to the contest will get a $50 VOucher to shop at our site for whatever you want! that is on the site that is! STAY TUNE GUYS!
Hey Everyone! If you didn't know already~

Akasarushi is a Doll Clothing and Fur Wig Brand~

A little while back. We've announced on our Facebook page that we will start giving out Free Fur Wigs and accesories for dolls Soon!. We're thinking starting October~ We'll do Weekly giveaway~

So if you haven't like our page already~ Please do so! Because all the giveaway stuff will be listed on there! ^_^

Thank you all for reading! I hope to see you guys on our page!


EAch Week we will have a theme or request of you and your doll to do ~ then we will try to get at least 5 entries for the drawing. Every Drawing will be done on camera~ So you can see we did not pick favorite! It will all base on luck! So the more the merrier! Please do join in!


All you have to do it look on the banner each week to see what the theme for the week is. Then just Post the photo of your doll meeting the requirement on our wall to enter! And remember~~~ QUALITY of the Photo don't matter~ again! ALL LUCK!!!!
Hey Guys~

As most of you already knew that Me and :iconhedemi: Will be at Anime Conji's Artist Alley!
We will be at Table 20 and 21!…

now to the point. I've been thinking of ways to help Japan. I've already Donated. But being a poor person that I am. It's obviously not enough. I wanna help out more but unable to. Every time i watch the news. I cried. *sigh*

Anyways. So I thought. Since we have a table at Anime Conji. Why don't we use the opportunity to raise some money~

After a brief talk with :iconhedemi: We've decided to make something to sell and donate all the profit to Red Cross.
I don't know what :iconhedemi: will be making, but i'm planning on making cute little post card or charms. I've been thinking of making something efficient to the buyer and make your money worth it. It's kind of last minute. So we'll see what we'll come up with.

So to those who will be attending. PLEASE PLEASE! Stop by and purchase the item to contribute in and help!
The range of the Item will be around $2-$5 for me.
I will of course show proofs after the donation is made with screencaps so you all can see~

Another side thing i will be doing at our table~ is to those who are interested!
:iconhakimei: showed me this~

Which made me thought of another idea!
to those who haven't seen this yet~…

When i'm in Artist Alley. I started taking photos of people leaning over my table. HAha
So! I will be making Signs for you guys who stop by to show your Support for Japan! It will then get posted my facebook page~ You're more than welcome to take it and submit it to the site!

So of course. if you're interested! Be sure to stop by!

I know this is a LONG arsh Post. But thank you for reading it all! I hope to see you all next Week!

Show your LOVE!

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Hey guys~ Just wanting to let you all know that Akasarushi finally start selling stuff on Etsy. I'm Slowly adding stuff to the shop~

Currently There's 2 outfit left of "Street Love" outfit…

I'm slowly putting on Fur Wigs~
So please do check out our shop~

More great things to come!

Thank you guys~

With love

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I'm BACK!!!!

Fri Jun 18, 2010, 3:25 AM
Top Bird

SOOO!!! After ALL the LONG Hiatus!

why? I got into Cosplay. lOL! and of course Work takes up majority of my time

work + Cosplay = no Doll related update?

although they did took up most of my time. I've been doing wig commissions and stuff stuff! lol.

Here's the recap of what had been happening~

DOA deleted all my sales page except my wig commission page.

I made a facebook fanpage for yall to get latest update and news~!/pages/Akas…

I also made a Group for us all to chat! Share and post stuff!!/group.php?…

Akasarushi had attended our FIRST EVER doll convention as a Vendor! It was FUN meeting all the doll owners!!

I designed LOTs of new clothes that need to be sewn together!

Got tons of new colors for the wig shop!

OH! I finally submitted lots of 4x6 prints of the dolls! SOO please~ Check out the OUR PRINT SHOP~ they're pretty cheap..

I made a BJD-COsplay Group~ SO YES! Lets bring Cosplay and the Love for ABJD together shall we??

That's pretty much it for now~

see you on the next update!

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Hello all ABJD Owners!!!!!!!

Akasarushi is hosting its first ever contest~! ^_^
All info are listed on our ForuM~ So please take some times to Check it out~!!

originally, it was gonna be posted on DOA as one of the news, But then they Deleted it and say it's not allow, and Akasarushi is not a "Company" Which pisses me off, although we're small now but we're still a brand. They let all the other sellers such as Dollhearts, and many others shops that only sell doll accesories. Some are just resellers. So why the hell can't I? -_-***

Anyways... All anger aside for now.

Please visit our Forum link for ALL.........or most of the Info on how you can participate!!!!…

All doll owners and dolls are welcome!
and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

I offer Face-Up service for ABJD.
I've decided to open a face-up service because I love doing them. I love being able to see the doll come to life! Such a happy experience~ ^_^

About the service:
❖I am located in California, USA.
❖I will pretty much do any kind of face-up, but you must provide the picture reference.
❖ Please don't ask me to copy someone else's doll face up, that's really insulting or offensive towards the owner of that doll. ^_^
❖If you don't know what you want, and it's up to me to decide. Please tell me a little bit about your doll and his/her personality along with their age. ^_^ Then I'll help you bring their personality out for their appropriate age.
❖That's all for now. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.
❖Yesh, I'm a smoky eyes and shiny lips addict~ I admitted. lol.

Materials I Use:
MSC UVcut flat, soft pastels, non-oil based pastels, watercolor color pencils, Mr. Color, Enamel paint Clear

SD size or larger: $25.00
MSD: $20.00
From Yo-SD size to Puki: $10.00
Special Size or service: please contact me
Face Tattoo: Depend on difficulty
Eyelashes: + $5.00 (if provided, +$2.50)
Makeup removal: $3.00

You are to pay for commission price+paypal fee+ shipping+others(optional: such as insurance and tracking)

Want to Commission?:
Okay! Here's how... lol

I don't like the whole Filling out a form thing. If you want to have me do your baby's face-up. Just PM me and tell me what you want.
Then we'll chat some more. ^_^
Simple and easy.


yes. I know the concern with credibility and trust. But for those who are in the ABJD hobby, you'll know of DOA. I have 100% positive feedback on DOA, which can be found here:…
Then there's my ebay account, which i sometimes use to sell some of the Akasarushi clothing collections. Which can be found here,
I love my dolls like they're my Kids. Actually. I treat them like they're my kids. XD So I know how it feels like to having to hand it over to someone you don't know for a period of time. That's why I tried to finish the face-up as soon as possible and have it ship back to the owner. ^_^