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United States
Current Residence: Land of land
Favourite genre of music: R&B, pop
Favourite cartoon character: Luffy, Reborn, Kyou-kun! from Fruits Basket, Gaara, Sasori

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the LONG hiatus. Life had  been quite Busy! 

WELP! I finally say FUG IT! and put in my Quit Notice! This will be my last month of working for someone. I'm going to be Spending All my Time now FOCUSING On my Online Business!

So i hope you guys will help support me there. 
It will be a site consist of DOLL THINGS, COCORONS things, and OTHER CUTESY THINGS!
I'm combining my love for arts and crafts into ONE SITE! 

So please do visit it and show your support in the future~~


Akasarushi/Moomoochi is SPONSORING a California Doll convention~ So therefore! In about a month! We'll be officially opening a Photography Contest for the Convention! For those of you who live in CALIFORNIA~ PLease do check out the convention. It's a ONE DAY convention! VEry fun! We've attended once and been loving it ever since. And i heard they gonna have cupcake bar this year! maybe i'm just hearing things~~~

Anywhoo! Akasarushi will be donating our WIGS to the convention so they can do giveaways!!! yesh~ FREE WIGS!
And!! WINNER to the contest will get a $50 VOucher to shop at our site for whatever you want! that is on the site that is! STAY TUNE GUYS!


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Akasarushi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008
I bought them at Best Buy. lol. XD I"m still trying to pay them off at the moment.
darkninja18 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008   Traditional Artist
wow I love your dolls and you have such talent of designing them too and I really don't want to creep you out're name is Joanne right and I think you're a friend of Jennifer Rom. I'm her friend too and I heard you're from FIDM!!! so i'm really excited to meet you because I really want to be a graphic designer like you well that's what Jennifer said and you like to make clothes for your dolls well I'd like to be those someday but umm yeah Jennifer goes to your site a lot^-^ well hope to talk to you soon
Akasarushi Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
Oooo.. awesome! XD Nice to meet you too! ^_^ are you going to FIDM as well?
darkninja18 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008   Traditional Artist
i really hope so because that is one of the best colleges out there that has everything I like well some actually^-^ well thank you for commenting me back. Jennifer told me that you have a lot of work and that you are very busy so I'll leave you alone but if I have any questions about FIDM or I don't know anything I'll ask if that's alright with you=) well I'm going to, finals, math teacher
Akasarushi Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
HAhahahaha... If you also asked her. I'm a bum and a procrastinator.. hahhaa...So it's fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask. ^_^ Just send me a message. .^_^
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LhiannanSidhe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
Your dolls and photos are amazing! I looove Shinichi. Your wig commissions are incredible as well, I'm going to have to look into those once I get a MSD size doll. They'd fit Bluefairy Tiny Fairies right?
Akasarushi Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
awww thank you~ :hug: and my MSD wigs are the size of 7-8.. so if that's how big blue fairy's head is.. yes..XD
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