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055 (064) (076) (194): ? (Pinniped)(?)'s newdesign


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055 (064) (076) (194): ? (Pinniped)(?)'s newdesign


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my choices of voice actors for my oc digimon ^^

OC digimon

178 deviations
aika akibara

oc digimon human partner and digimons

65 deviations

base made versions of my oc digimon

42 deviations
oc human partner - aika 'minami' (s3 ver) *old*

base pictures i'm not really sure of at the moment

5 deviations
rubimon (rinimon) and her stuffed mouse *old*

group pics solo pics of my oc digimon

64 deviations
my digimon comic 'tatsumon's birthday party' cover

tatsumon's birthday party

2 deviations
velmon (1)

digimon animation

38 deviations
s1 leader - miku akibara

digimon journey s1

70 deviations
s2 leader - emiko minami and anquamon

digimon journey s2

53 deviations
foamymon's digi-line

digimon bouken

45 deviations
chiyo ishikawa and airliamon

digimon Sakai

35 deviations
manaka inaba

digimon digiforce

54 deviations
dorumon's digi-line

digimon tasuke

10 deviations
ryudamon's digi-line

digimon Yukai

7 deviations
monmon's digi-line

digimon Goudou

9 deviations


5 deviations
Chulamon *last evolution kizuna oc*

digimon last evolution: dekkai kizuna

2 deviations
pokemon fusion   (name is meshacema)

pokemon fusions

16 deviations
032: ookami

OC fan made pokemon

96 deviations
professor Betula

pokemon peace and chaos - the kyou region

95 deviations
007 - Bunbubble

my beta pokemon

27 deviations
ashika in a box

base made versions of my oc pokemon

4 deviations
sumiko And eve the Eevee *old*

oc pokemon that are close to the original

26 deviations
me at a young age *pika-costume*

me and my pokemon teams

95 deviations
fia, lightning, mizuko and konoha Keeping Warm

other pics of my pokemon teams

69 deviations
my pokemon in alpha sapphire

the pokemon in my games

21 deviations
the pikachu family sleeping in the sun

other pokemon pics

1 deviation


3 deviations
SFN (search for nido) intros

the search for nido

58 deviations
english lyrics for puni-chan no uta:


2 deviations
my series's team rocket

my pokemon seasons

150 deviations
my series's team rocket

my pokemon seasons 2 maybe

148 deviations
Tamami the eevee *my eeveesona*

my eeveesona, family and friends

55 deviations
Mistletoe Meme *fluffy and volty*

pokemon mystery dungeon

59 deviations
pokemon sapphire nuzlocke

pokemon nuzlockes, wedlockes and randomizers

57 deviations
Heart's Pokemon Journey Poster - twitch

heart's pokemon journey

18 deviations
cocotama oc - pakarin

kamisama minarai

2 deviations
precure heartcatch mascot oc - posey

precure oc mascots

33 deviations
Heart Catch Bloom Pretty Cure!

Heart Catch Bloom Pretty Cure

9 deviations
fresh precure mascot oc - milly

sweetly fresh precure

4 deviations
suite precure mascot oc - koto

harmony suite precure

5 deviations
smile precure mascot oc - creamy

glimmering dreams precure

4 deviations
happiness full charge precure!

happiness full charge precure

52 deviations
go! princess precure mascot oc - cheezer

royal princess precure

2 deviations
mahoutsukai precure mascot oc - shuga

kawaii mahou precure

4 deviations
jewelpets oc - ruba

jewelpets oc

4 deviations
ginger *based off of my toy cat 'ginger' ^^ *

chi's sweet home ocs

7 deviations
my fursona - paliki

my fursonas

2 deviations