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super mystery dungeon - team 2 - team fairyclub

By akarifan25
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fable the clefairy (Female)

gentle nature

rua the zorua (Female)

timid/shy nature

she wants to help, but she's not always sure about herself....

she managed to help fable & ivory defeat the primeape, with her pursuit attack, in longfield cave at 17:20 pm on 30/9/20, though...., while ivory used bone club & fable used disarming voice...

she does know how to defend herself, though... although, still being nervous about it....

just prior to 17:30 pm, fable & ivory got knocked out, so she had to go it alone... she had to be brave & retrieve quagsire's item... so she tranformed into a kecleon... at 17:31 pm, a shuppet hit her with shadow sneak, it it deactivated her transformation... so she ran away to the stairs... only to remember she hadn't got the item yet...

at 17:33 pm, she got taken out by a timburr's bide.... help.. me~ she said as she fainted...

so, at 17:37 pm, team grassyspark *petilil, ralts & pachirisu * came to her rescue... & while they were at it, they rescued fable & ivory.... at 17:50 pm, they found out that i wasn't zorua, but rufflet... they're confused...

*let's just pretend that zorua was laying next to rufflet*

rua thanks them for saving them

*team grassyspark seems to be based on teamwork*

*i realize this is somewhat turning into kinda a story...*

Ivory the cubone (Female)

bashful nature

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