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my heartgold team  *my team through johto* by akarifan25 my heartgold team  *my team through johto* by akarifan25

*this is my team that i'd catch & take with me on the start my journey through johto, if i was in the anime... aka... johto journeys, johto champions & master quest*     *this is actually really my team in heartgold... except for the dratini.... this dratini is from pokemon x & evolves into dragonair much later*

*i'm pretty sure this game was my first pokemon game i played*

* these pokemon are from my heartgold & x , being chikorita, flaaffy, arcanine, furret, noctowl & dratini*

oh.. one more thing... this is one of those rare trainers who have '2' pokemon who want to stay out of their pokeballs.... chikorita, AND 'caterpie............ unless there's a absolute situation when caterpie needs to go into her pokeball

Pokeball Revamp  flora the chikorita (F) *jolly nature* *my starter*  moves: tackle, cut, razor leaf, poison powder, vine whip, body slam, magical leaf, reflect, synthesis, light screen, growl, Solar Beam , sweet scent,         Double Team, Mud-Slap, Giga Drain, agility, Bullet Seed, Protect , Sunny Day, Flail, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, petal dance, Energy Ball, Swords Dance, Magic Coat, Grass Knot, Echoed Voice          

*moves she knew before:

natural gift

Pokeball Revamp flutter the caterpie (F)  *quiet nature*      moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Electroweb,            *when she evolves:  Confusion, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Whirlwind, Psybeam, Mega Drain, Double Team, Swift, Gust, Flash, Safeguard, Attract, Sweet Scent, Silver Wind, Air Cutter, Signal Beam, Acrobatics, Psychic, Roost, agility

Pokeball Revamp brownie the sentret (F) *docile nature* *who'll evolve into furret* moves: scratch, sucker punch, quick attack, slam, fury swipes, defense curl, rest,      Double Team, Dig, Iron Tail, Protect, Tackle, Swift, agility

*moves she knew before*

helping hand
follow me

Heal Ball  moko the mareep (F) * jolly nature*  *who'll evolve into flaaffy & stay there*  moves: tackle, iron tail, discharge, flash, growl, light screen, thundershock,     Body Slam, Dynamic Punch, Protect, Double Team, quick attack, agility

*moves she knew before*

cotton spore
light screen

Pokeball Revamp twilight the hoothoot (F) *relaxed nature* *who'll evolve into noctowl*    moves: tackle, peck, confusion, air slash, foresight, reflect,        Wing Attack, Double Team, Steel Wing, Protect, Mud-Slap

*moves she knew before*


Sprite Friend Ball - Copain Ball  wildfire the growlithe (F) *jolly nature*    *who'll evolve into arcanine*     moves: Body Slam, Hidden Power, flamethrower, headbutt, leer, ember, extreme speed, flame wheel,          Agility, Double Team, Dig, Bite, quick attack,  shadow ball

*moves she knew before*

odor sleuth
helping hand
take down

 Lure Ball  sapphire the dratini (F)  *who'll evolve into dragonair*  *docile nature*       moves: slam, dragon rage, aqua tail, safeguard, agility, wrap, leer, twister, hyper beam, dragon rush, dragon dance, dragon tail,         quick attack, double team,              Water Gun, Iron Tail, ice beam

*moves she knew before*

thunder wave

pokemon trainer creater: :iconjcling:

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