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evo of Sparkub - Sparknite

name is: sparknite  *spark + ignite, as in set on fire*  suggestion by ReKoil on pokecommunity

electric/fire type

height of mightyena
weight of mightyena

ability: static/flash fire
hidden ability: strong jaws

pokedex entry: Sparknite - Conceited Pokemon - Sparknite consider themselves the most important, and as such their packs usually don't stay together long.

Sparkub are often found abandoned as a result.
Although it is vain, a properly raised Sparknite will be loyal without fault to it's trainer.

If it tries to groom you, it's a sign that it trusts you completely.
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How about Grinergy (grin + energy) for a name?

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hmmm.... i'm not too sure about that name....