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The Archon by Akara0820 The Archon :iconakara0820:Akara0820 13 2 Tavarsa by Akara0820 Tavarsa :iconakara0820:Akara0820 3 2 Akara (Version 7) by Akara0820 Akara (Version 7) :iconakara0820:Akara0820 6 0 Toa Metro by Akara0820 Toa Metro :iconakara0820:Akara0820 3 0 Nerzek, Warrior of the Iron Tribe by Akara0820 Nerzek, Warrior of the Iron Tribe :iconakara0820:Akara0820 7 0 Akara, Future by Akara0820 Akara, Future :iconakara0820:Akara0820 16 2 Callan, Lionheart by Akara0820 Callan, Lionheart :iconakara0820:Akara0820 33 14 Akara by Akara0820 Akara :iconakara0820:Akara0820 7 7 Saint Jacobi Walker, Blue Lantern by Akara0820 Saint Jacobi Walker, Blue Lantern :iconakara0820:Akara0820 8 4 Clockork, Master of Time by Akara0820 Clockork, Master of Time :iconakara0820:Akara0820 1 27 Heroicle: Jordan by Akara0820 Heroicle: Jordan :iconakara0820:Akara0820 7 4 Akara Version 6.5 by Akara0820 Akara Version 6.5 :iconakara0820:Akara0820 12 12 Rogue Bots: ASN-14 by Akara0820 Rogue Bots: ASN-14 :iconakara0820:Akara0820 2 0 Rogue Bots: RDR-33 by Akara0820 Rogue Bots: RDR-33 :iconakara0820:Akara0820 1 0 Rogue Bot Tech: A.K.A.R.A. by Akara0820 Rogue Bot Tech: A.K.A.R.A. :iconakara0820:Akara0820 10 5 Firno, Toa of Plasma V2 by Akara0820 Firno, Toa of Plasma V2 :iconakara0820:Akara0820 4 12


Gringat, Hawklord by Lol-Pretzel Gringat, Hawklord :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 233 35 ODST Drop Pod by Tekka-Croe ODST Drop Pod :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 168 25 Bionicle MOC: Hyde/Autumnales V.2 by Mana-Ramp-Matoran Bionicle MOC: Hyde/Autumnales V.2 :iconmana-ramp-matoran:Mana-Ramp-Matoran 110 129
Premium memberships and points giveaway!Winners:

Hello, lovelies (:
Since it's summer and the school is over for some people (*yay*) I guess everyone will find a little bit more time for deviantart.
That's why I decided to make some of our lovely deviants happy by giving them a premium membership and points :aww:
All you have to do:
fav this journal in order to participate and voila!
(*faving this journal is needed just so I can know who's entering the contest. Counting each comment would be a hard job
*the prize can't be transferred to someone else's account)
The prizes:
- 3 month premium membership
- 3 month premium membership

The 2 lucky winners will be chosen by generator.
update* deadline:  8th July, 2012.
Don't forget to tell your friends so they can participate too :happybounce:
Good luck and xo
The Winners:
Two lucky people who picked are
:iconlucky88duck: and :iconp
:iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 3,854 1,441
June Recap
On time for three months in a row, let's hope it stays that way. I hope there are some of you who are enjoying your summer, since I know I certainly am not. Too hot for me.
New members this month:
TelepathicTaco7, The-RQTech, wolf-knight-1, The-Dapper-Scrapper, TheLordofiCE, Uikri, and Deadpool7100
The League of Extraordinary GentleMOCs
Dottore Dimitri Matteo, Zero Star, Zyyther, Niyyan, Niemet, Tomog, Klaus Tallis, and Light Guardian
Until next time,
:iconbrotherhoodofmakuta:BrotherhoodOfMakuta 1 0
Hero Factory MOC: Endeavour and Toxic v1.0 by Rahiden Hero Factory MOC: Endeavour and Toxic v1.0 :iconrahiden:Rahiden 111 49
Reflections and Predictions
I'll start by talking about a topic we're all familiar with: technology.
Now, I don't know about you, but I'm quite happy with technology these days. My computer does everything that I want it to do, at a pretty good speed; my Dad has a fancy camera, but more importantly, he lets me use it; then there's various other gadgets of the 21st century, like 3D TVs and smartphones, and they're all pretty awesome.
And yet, it is often the case that we look back into the past, at, say, my parents' generation. They didn't have the luxury of computers, their cameras relied on film instead of pixels, and things like 3D were unheard of. Compared to our current living standards today, it's easy to think that life was 'hard' back then - but they lived through it quite happily. Perhaps, while they were writing letters instead of texts, they felt grateful that they had a postage system at all. In fact, they probably felt the same way as I do now: "Wow, we have this fancy new stuff like trams. It must've
:iconrahiden:Rahiden 6 38
Varden by kikicianjur Varden :iconkikicianjur:kikicianjur 4,076 354 Shadows in the Desert by x-Aiton Shadows in the Desert :iconx-aiton:x-Aiton 51 7 A peaceful morning by Vidom A peaceful morning :iconvidom:Vidom 942 273 Butterfly by Wnison Butterfly :iconwnison:Wnison 198 60
THE Zombie Survival Guide
*This part is for newbies. Skip down to the dashes if you already know this stuff.*
Okay, so first of all, a zombie is a reanimated corpse that lurches around looking for human flesh. Different breeds may be reasoned with, or even "cured" back to the original personality. However, the most typical zombies:
-Are incoherent. They will not be reasoned with or threatened.
-They don't sleep.
-They seem to like brains, but most will settle for a nice hunk of your flesh.
-The come in different speeds, from crawling to shambling to running. Most are shambling along at a slow slow walk.
-They do not drown or asphyxiate.
-Some will burn easily while others will not burn at all.
-Most zombies will "die" from severe damage to the head.
-It is said they are attracted by sound, but this varies.
-VERY IMPORTANT: The most dangerous thing about zombies is that if they bite you and you die before your brain is destroyed, you will come back to life as ANOTHER ZOMBIE. That's how they spread their numbers
:iconbellairs:Bellairs 825 342
12-Month Premium Membership, and Point Giveaway!
The winners of the contest are:
:iconEmmersDrawberry: is the winner of the 12-Month Premium Membership. I will be contacting you shortly. Please tell me if you want your prize delivered in points or not!
:iconryuuchan4: is the winner of the 250 points.
:iconyoruzena: is the winner of the  150 points.
And to those who did not win... no worries! I will be holding another contest within the next day or two so stay tuned for your chance to win points/premium membership!

Yes. You heard it right! I'm giving away a 12-month Premium Membership, and points to three lucky people.  
             Please read the rules below in order to be formally entered.
• This giveaway is only open to my watchers. If you would like the chance to participate in this contest or any others that I may have, please watch me.
• At the end of the giveaway the winners will be
:iconkarasunezumi:KarasuNezumi 746 933
Bionicle MOC - Virus Star by Alex-Darkrai Bionicle MOC - Virus Star :iconalex-darkrai:Alex-Darkrai 211 105 Imminent Decimation by AdrienCGD Imminent Decimation :iconadriencgd:AdrienCGD 1,407 191



Akara0820's Profile Picture
Aaron Tran
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm known as Akara the Great on MOCpages and Akara0820 on YouTube. I've also had contact with Lego at very young age (Duplo)
  • Listening to: The Noise From Tapping on a Keyboard
  • Reading: Torn
  • Watching: History Channel
  • Playing: Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
For the first ten people who answer this journal, I will put their avatar and the deviation I most like from their gallery in this post.

If you answer, you must do the same in your journal, putting the tagger in the first place. The main idea for this is to not get free publicity, but to spread art around for everybody!

1. :iconwolfbossx: :thumb283210369: For the overall build, concept, and for that pose.

2. :iconahollowperson: :thumb280750452: It looks cool, problem?

3. :iconmosquitobite4246: Project Future History: IMPERIUM by MosquitoBite4246 Leaith was a better MOC, but unfortunately he wasn't posted.

4. :icontoaatraks: :thumb254744858: In my opinion the start for a great age of MOCing for him. And have you seen the head?

5. :iconzogtheangrychipmunk: :thumb209624481: Although there are plenty of gaps and the system plates don't flow, the legs are what sold to me.

6. :iconmana-ramp-matoran: Bionicle MOC Midori+skyspeeder by Mana-Ramp-Matoran Vehicles in my opinion are hard go make, and he has executed it excellently. Both the toa and the vehicle go well together.

7. :iconshadow-architect: Enias, the Makuta by Shadow-Architect After looking through his gallery I could only find 3 submissions, 2 of them actually being MOCs. Out of the two, I like this more. (and that mask!)





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