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Riven. The Exile (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) [10]

Game - League of Legends
Character - Riven \classic skin\
Photo by Vadim Bulatov
Cosplay&craft made by me
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Awesome cosplay! The only cosplay I've been able to do is a StarWars and deadpool one. But none of my costumes are as good as yours!
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Now THIS is cosplay.
Not those sad "I'll just wear a bikini and a wig and call it an Akali ""Pool Party"" "cosplay".
Sorry...I am in a ranting mood. Having an arguement with someone whether or not a bikini and wig count as a proper cosplay... 

Great job on the plated armor and the sword! <3 
I love it when people take the time to make the plated things and the weapons. 
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aww!! thank you!
I agree with your opinion about the bikini-cosplay! especially when it's not appropriate! =(
I know that there are suits where a minimum of clothing is canonical. But when you doing humanization-cosplay or cosplay "from arts" with intentional exposure is not normal. But, for example, I have a cosplay of Gnar - there is also not much "clothing" but is still a creature of the jungle hardly would be in a sweater, right? =D And then, I have covered maximum of all parts of the body and I haven't forgotten about crafting and ears with a tail. =P
I also often angry about this "method" to cosplay.

sorry for my bad English I guess x)
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It just feels and looks really cheap...
A bikini can be picked up for less than 20 euro's...
Same for a wig and you hardly have to do anything...
Of course I like to see barely clothed girls with well endowed chests, but they shouldn't call that "cosplay".
Sex sells and they know. Something tells me that some people just do it to show off their body.
Cosplay should be about showing your body but about getting into the life of a fictional character =) 
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Oh well.
"Cosplayers" like that are the same as those "Gamer Girl streamers" on Twitch.
Just grabbing for money and attention and natural selection makes guys fall for it...
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It looks very nice
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thank you ^^
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Gotta agree with Soylent.. Very cute <3 And nice cosplay too ^^
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awww thank you ^___^
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that cute smirk :)
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B-) (Cool) thanks :D (Big Grin) 
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