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Oc's In Real Life: Syble Soundwave Alicorn Form by Akane-Reaper Oc's In Real Life: Syble Soundwave Alicorn Form by Akane-Reaper
alicorn Oc's. Dont screw with us. Guess what? I can now dress as my ponysona! So this little number is only from the wait up, but theres more were she came from. Syble Soundwave is my own personal character, do not copy, want to know more about her? Read down.

Name: Syble Soundwave/Mega Sound
Sex: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Hight: 4 feet 2 inches
Cutie Mark: A Red Bio Hazard Symbol
Voice: Has a distinct high pitched British accent
Pelt Color: White and grey
Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Both her mane and tail are black and red. She has short hair in the front and a long tail.
Eye Color: Yellow
Physique: She's a bit lanky and her legs are week beacuse she's contantly flying. Her wings are super stong.
Personality: She get distinct mood changes and fast. One minute she can be super happy like Pinky Pie. TO mean and confused like NighMare Moon. But shes mostly a bubbly sweet kind hearted ready for adventure mare.
Origin: This will be explained more in the bio section. The Mountain Of Music.
Home/Residence: She travels so often now most think she's a hermet. But she lives in a sealed off tower in The Palace at Canterlot.
Occupation: The Private Bard of the Palace/A free lance D.J.
Likes: She likes raves, rain and glowsticks. She loves going into the ever free forest alone and making music. She loves flying with dragons. She likes a pony who dosnt even think she exhists... (Nighting Gale Bio Comming soon) She loves flying with Rainbowdash and useing her soundwave wing tricks to go faster than dash.
Family: Ever since she could remeber her family has always been the Royal Family. The Princesses and the Princes and the staff. All of them hold a special place in her heart.
Affiliations/friends: She dosnt have many friends. She doesnt like to be crowded with people. Her friends are Star Blazer, Orion, Dapple Wings and Zuzu. She also likes Nighting Gale, but he never seems to see her...
Enemies/Rivals: Anyone that insults music, or hates music. Her rival is Thunder Blurr. The only pony that can out fly her.
Clothing and Accessories: She wears a black fest and a spiked choker necklass. She has read glow sticks in the shape of bracelets all over her for hoves. She wears dark hippy glasses and has pearcings all up her ears.
Talent and Cutiemark Meaning: Her talent is a strange one. Most music pinys are unicorns that use their horns to make music. But Syble is special, she learned to vibrate her wings at a leval that can actualy make base like sounds. Add that with D.J. Equiptment and you got yourself a Industrial Rave Pony. The Cutie mark is a red Bio Hazard symbol which is the symbol for all ravers.
True Weakness: She cant stand to be around other ponys. She cant talk to them or interact. Shes afraid they wont like her. Her only friends are the ones that get that and dont crowed around Syble, but try and make her feel safe.

Bio Time: Once their was a small idea. No it wasnt even an Idea yet. It was a curiosity. And this curiosuty belonged to the first bard in the world, the curiosity being that this bard could make a new form of music out of something compleatly diffrent. So one day this bard disided to test out his theory. He went into what we know as the ever free forest and looked for something to test his curiosity. He walked and walked for days untill he could walk no longer. He came to a cave and started to find the coolest safest corner. As he did he noticed his hooves made a strange noice while waking in the cave. It was a strong echoing thumping noise. He stoped, the noise ringed for a moment, then stoped. He thought to himself for a moment, then remeber his favorite dance. He started dancing in the cave, making sure every step was perfect. A few steps later and without the bard relizing it, his dance had made a song. A strong, deep powerfull song. He took his knowledge back to hi vilige and from then on the dance was known as tap dancing. This curiosity them became and idea.
A few thousand years went by when a verry old, and verry powerfull Unicorn started to expiriment with the new idea. She thought that if a pony could make sound by taping her hooves on a flat serface, that what elst could make sound? A year few hundread tests later the unicorn was in her garden fighting a pesky baby dragon. It had been eating her turnips. She congered up a spell, but being old it didnt come out so right. The noise was so loud that it tossed the dragon clear out the of the garden and over the hill. When the unicorn loooked up she saw what had pushed the dragon back. Her horn was emiting loud waves of sound. She jumped in delight. This is what she was trying to get. And she taught it to every unicorn since. The idea became a fact. The fact was known as The Mega Sound.

Thousands and thousands of years later the Mega Sound, now a spirit, had been floating throught time, space and dimentions unbenounced to the fact that now a she was a legend. And as legends go everypony knew it. The legend goes as such. If you go inside to the heart of Mount Music, their is a spell. The old Unicorns spell. It was actualy a majic song. It is said that if you play it right all your wishes will come true. Well it had been a long time since Luna was sentanced to the moon, and her parents were begining to worry about her return. Their only hope was this magic song. If they combined their magic they could wish luna to never remeber her darker side. And their daughters would be reunited again. So they tavled to Mount Music and started the song. (Song link as well as other links down below) It was the most butifull thing they had ever heard. And of corse Mega Sound hear it to. She floated through dimentions and right above the magic song. She listened and loved it. When the song was over she had drifted really close to the to alicorns horns. She didnt relize she was being drawn to them. All of a sidden their magic intertwined with hers and she materialized as a baby pegasus. The alicorns were so confused. This was not what they had wished for. But relizing that what they wanted was not realistic and that the song had donesomething greater for them they turned their sadness into love for the small foal. Mega Sound now an Idea or a curiosity no longer was now in the care of the Alicorns. She was taken back to the palace were she was givin a tower of her own and a new name. Syble Soundwave.
Through out the 17 years she lived in the palace she learned her ture power. The art of the soundwave. She perfected the art of vibration music so well that some nover think she could make it. The sound grows as her wings unfold and lessen as she brings them back in. She can twist sound and make new sound. Everything she could dream can come to life with her sound. She tavels far and wide serching for insperation and self finding. Syble Soundwave is a true artisit of the Base. And no one can ever serpass that.

links: The magic song: [link] Sybles theme: [link] her firends: Orion the butler [link] Zuzu [link] Dapple Wings [link] Nighting Gale her lover [link] Thunder Blure her Rival [link]
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