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Phelps - Impossible is nothing

This is kind of a monkey-off-the-back drawing for me. Everything seemed to go against me while I was trying to finish off this drawing.

Some of you might remember when I talked about how I'd been struggling to start a new drawing. Then I watched Olympic games and got inspired by those hi-tech VDO replays that captured all the action shots in super slow-motion. I wanted to capture the same stunning shots with my own hands.

And then there's Michael Phelps. He inspired me to go to the place I'd never been to and I ended up choosing this picture --> [link] as the reference simply because it looked like the hardest picture to draw from.

Then I reached the difficult parts, one after another, and realised I'd need to spend a lot longer than I thought to finish this off. To make it worse this picture had none of my favourite parts, hair and eyes. I got discouraged and distracted by a few things and ended up putting this drawing on hold for months.

Then a few weeks ago I got inspired again and wanted to draw so many things. I swored to wouldn't start those UNLESS I finish off this one first. Sorry for the dodgy parts on some details but I was really at the end of my patience.

Please don't ask me how long did it take to draw this one because I have no idea. It never took this long to draw one portrait and it's not even one of the pretty ones!

A4 Canson drawing paper (the smoother side) + HB-2B technical pencils + 7B-9B wooden pencils

My next drawing is gonna be an EASY one!

* (C)2008 Diego Azubel. I lost the original link to the ref photo. It's been a long time and I can't remember where I got it from for the life of me. .

**I took the photo of the drawing in progress just in case... -->[link]
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So neat you've got the feeling of texture on his cap and water, the glistening wet looking water.  What a feat and no noticeble sign of any smudge from the soft pencils. It's so photographically black and white with nice crisp contrast Wander Emote: Thumbs Up 
Wow ! So much details
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Great drawing 1
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Well done - I can see how difficult this must of been & you have captured the movement brilliantly. You should be very proud
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what medium did you use? the hat and goggles are very black for pencil
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Very beautiful work!! Very well done!
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great work with so much detail.
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Wonderful work.
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Again, its really impressive.
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Dammit!! Have u really drawned this?!!! Its incredible! The water is perfectly done. It s impressive, but i do not see his ear. I think its the only thing u've forgotten.
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dude....the the....nevermind.... SUPER AWESOMENESS! is what this picture is to me ( which is really really good !!!!)
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omg that is so good it shows your skill amazingly. I am obssesed as a swimmer this is like the thing i want in my room 
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That's insane!!!  Nothing could be a better example of your skill!
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We'll it was worth the time you put into it amazing
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How on earth did you do the water!?!? WOW!!!
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dang! What do you mean it's not even one of the pretty ones? This is absolutely stunning! I thought it was a photograph! :D
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Perfect!! No more comments needed
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I was going to try this one….no point….you've nailed it. PERFECTION.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Could you draw this without a photo?
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