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Padme Amidala

Another drawing of Nat, 4th addition to the DIVAS collection. I drew this especially for my lovely friend (and an amazing portrait artist) *khinson(I hope you like it, Karen:love: ) who happen to be a big fan of Nat and Starwars just like me..

I really love this promo shot of her and though I did know this pose has been done to death I still wanted to give it a go. Drawing this right after UNMASKED was like doing a back flip in shading styles and theme. This one is a lot lighter, more delicated, more defined and it's all about BEAUTY.

I'm quite happy with the hair(THIS is what I call strand by strand - took ages though^^; ) and the details on her head accessories. Actually I got carried away with the details. I just want to see how far could I go if I wanted to do a portrait without a sketchy part just for once. I think I'm getting better as drawing girls. Heck..I'd even go as far as saying I seem to have a knack for it.

Full view please.:please:

Pencil on A4 paper as usual. Please don't ask how long did it take as I seem to be incapable of doing a quick portrait these days.
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Beautiful portrait! :omg:
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I like her daughter better but what can I say about your drawing? Nothing.  It is breathtaking.   I love revisiting the galleries of my favorite artists that I watch.Jedi Llama (Static) 
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This is GORGEOUS. It's as if one has simply taken a picture and peeled it off and made it look like a drawing. You've done so well and I can no longer find any words to describe this BEAUTIFUL piece of art. PERFECTION.x
This is amazing and I really don't know how you do it :)
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I really hope to see some new works of you in future, great gallery!
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Beautiful Natalie!
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Wow. Beauty portrait. I like Natalie Portman
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Wow. Amazing work !!!
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Really great artwork, really amazing. Keep up the great work.
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ahh ... this truly remarkable!
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one of the best i ve seen here:)
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i'll add this to my favourites for two reasons...Natalie Portman and very good drawing. :)
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:omfg: this doesn't even look like a looks real..... totally awesome!!
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WAY to AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! hOW LON GDID THAT TAKE!? Did u make it!!! W O W ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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WOW ! It looks like a picture ! Well done !
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