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GTA V Plushes: Wade Hebert

To start off with, I know that Wade's bands are the other way round it was 1:00 AM and I just kinda put them on the way I thought they were meant to, then realised after they were wrong, I may go back and change it, I may not.

The lil piercings were fiddly as HELL to make and put on him >.< The plugs were a lil fiddly, but still he was fun to make, specially the lil dreads xD

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Would you be willing to make one for money >. <??
AkaKiiroMidoriAoi's avatar
I'm open for commissions, note me if you have something in mind :) 
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awwwwwww wade!!!!!!! give him an icecream XD so adorable :happybounce: 
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"Wade. Wade. Wade. It's Wade."
AkaKiiroMidoriAoi's avatar
I love Wade's voicemail message, I swear that guy is so bleeding cute I just wanna hug him everytime he says something silly xD still love Trevor more tho >.<
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When I first saw his picture, I thought he will be more badass. But yeah, he's cute, but I find Trevor more awesome.
AkaKiiroMidoriAoi's avatar
Yeah I thought that too, but hes such a sweety in game i cant help but feel the need to hug him, except for when he was covered in crap, then i didnt. 
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But Trevor did. Man, he knows what friendship means (y'know, Friendship is Magic :B).
AkaKiiroMidoriAoi's avatar
He does. Trevor = overall awesome person. 
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