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August 27, 2008
God is Speaking to Me by =Akajork
Featured by archanN
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God is Speaking to Me

God is Speaking to Me,
'Listen.. can you hear Him?
What does He say to you?'

Maybe some of you remember my piece Project God: [link] , I had planned every since to make the same scene but then from an above the clouds pov. I finnaly made that scene. I'm kinda proud at the buildings but there are things I'm less happy with. But oh well, you got to move on!

A lot of inspiration came from the Flashbulb, amazing music artists!

Walkthrough: [link]


Wp sizes (click download for the pack):

------ 1024x768 ------
------ 1280x1024 ------
------ 1400x1050 ------
------ 1600x1200 ------
------ 1680x1050 ------

Thanks for your clicks, much appreciated.

© 2008 - 2021 Akajork
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ariya-sacca's avatar

God speaks to all of us, we just don't know how to listen.

tomolok110's avatar
Wow!!! Awesome work!!!
silentkim's avatar
Beautiful work I used it for one of my poems on my blog. Of course I gave you full credit.


A Single Minute
Just a minute to look upon Your face,
to feel Your touch,
and melt in Your embrace.

Just a minute to hear to Your song,
and listen to the ballads of nature,
with the melody, loving you is not wrong.

For that minute I will know,
You are the essence of life,
and in faith I will continue to grow.

A minute of eternity,
And kissed with security
I will absorb Your love is for infinity.
masterjedi3400's avatar
This is my absolute favorite pic on this entire site!
Patriarch2's avatar
Most beautiful...
isthisrealife's avatar
When I see this picture, I am at a loss for words. Everytime.
HaseoYashimora's avatar
my new descktop wallpaper!!!!!
jazdavis's avatar
whiteoutkills's avatar
This is wonderful, you've got to come over here! God is SPEAKING to me!

Nice, man :3
Akajork's avatar
You know it! :P I love the flashbulb, have you listened to his latest work? Its amazing! Thanks for the comment :)
whiteoutkills's avatar
Pale Blue Dot and Soundtrack to a Vacant Life stuff?
Yeah, I like it a lot.
I like his less electronic kind of stuff.
Réunion is probably my favorite Flashbulb album, though!
Akajork's avatar
yea Reunion is fantastic. I love Soundtrack to a Vacant Life though, thats my fav.. he is just a brilliant mind. His music is so diverse and different. Very unique :) Great to meet another fan :)
whiteoutkills's avatar
He is so good... So different from everything out there, and I love it.
My favorite Flashbulb songs are probably "Adrian" from [link]'t, "Lucid Bass I" from Red Extensions of Me, Miles and Miles from Kirlian Selections, and "Blackout" from Kirlian Selections.
How about you?
Akajork's avatar
Yea Lucid Bass 1 is brilliant.. love that tune. I love, If Trees Could Speak, God Is Speaking, The First Rain And You, Warm Hands In Cold Fog, Sunshine (one of my alltime favorite songs).. :) too many great tunes to name though.. Its really nice music that brightens my day
IanDSharman's avatar
Hi, just thought you might like to know I've featured this in my journal here - [link] :D
sjc107's avatar
I love your work! I wish I could create something like this.
nathie's avatar
this is absolutely beautiful!
Akajork's avatar
Hey thanks a lot for the comment :) Youre gallery is sick! amazing work :) I feel honored.
masterjedi3400's avatar
This pic would look great on my wall. Awesome work!!
QwakQwak's avatar
1 woord: wow .. hoelang was je er wel niet mee bezig??
m1sszara's avatar
another amazing peace :love:
Akajork's avatar
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