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lingerie lucy

My March pinup for Patreon...less clothed version available on Tumblr and Twitter and stuff.
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Easily one of my favorite, if not my favorite Lucina image 
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She is cuuuuuteee!
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Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush Gray Blush 
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She's so beautiful! :heart::meow::heart: X3
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So hot! I love the idea of Lucina and female Robin.
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Alex:Did I come in at the wrong time(sees Lucy less clothed)
lucy: (slowly turns around to sees alex at the door)A-Alex d-didn't know you come in
alex: (nosebleeds)I-I'm just going to g-go now(leaves the room)
(outside the room)
alex: (gets his chest,while breathing heavily)(thinking:did I just see Lucy half undress)(slowly slide down the door)(thinking:I dreaming right,sly:your not dreaming Alex your fully awake man,jack:yeah man you just saw a half undressed Lucy,you lucky bastard)
(inside the room)
lucy: (thinking:Alex saw me half undressed,he was blushing when he saw me)NO no no he a pervert(gets dressed,and gets her sword then opens the door)
(back to alex)
(alex hear Lucy yell something,and pushes off the door while seeing a piss off lucina with a her sword)
alex:oh no(gets a sword at his neck)Lucina,can you not kill me 
lucina:(blushing)you pervert
alex: (thinking:well that didn't work plan B time)(gets up,and kiss lucina making her drop her sword while she blushing even more)heya,looks like this coyote got a free kiss
lucina: shup up Alex 
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at first glace i thought this was juvia from fairy tail :D
still looks gorgeous, well done :aww:
She's very cute and attractive, and I like how you drew hre facial expression and hairstyle.

Thanks for sharing!
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from where is lucy?
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It's just a nickname for Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening.
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Lucina the best *.*
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She looks nice around the butt, though, where are da tits.
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She's pretty close to flat, but her ass makes up for it.
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Still, the best Nintendo waifu is Samus Aran with her zero suit.
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She got a nice booty!
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I wonder where did she got those from. >:3
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