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Hey for any mabinogi people I'm doing an art trade thread on the mabinogi forums, which can be found here:…

And I have been spending some time on TUMBLR now! check it out here if ya wants:
And playing some steam games, and recently some kingdom hearts HD edition for the PS3.
Kao Emoji-07 (Left Side) [V1] 

I MAY MAKE SOME KINGDOMHEARTS COMICS for fun sometime, since funny things happen when I play games with my friends around.

And spamming these thingies Kao Emoji-07 (Right Side) [V1] Needs moar these thingsEmoji02 

1. Parakiss's contest


++There are 13 Total Prizes++

This contest will end on Jan 19th, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

Categories & Prizes
Draw Miki - 1st place 10k or 2m ::: 2nd place 5k or 1m
Draw Haru - 1st place 10k or 2m ::: 2nd place 5k or 1m

Draw Miki with Haru - 1st place 20k or 4m ::: 2nd place 10k or 2m
Draw Miki wih Lusiel - 1st place 20k or 4m ::: 2nd place 10k or 2m
Draw Haru with Ren - 1st place 20k or 4m ::: 2nd place 10k or 2m

Draw any 3 or more of my characters together
1st place 30k or 5m ::: 2nd place 15k or 3m ::: 3rd place 5k or 1m

(Mari server characters have choice of gold or NX prizes.)

You can enter as many times as you want, as long as they fall under the categories above so you will be eligible for a prize.

2. Cygnix's contest


++There are a possible total of 5 prizes++

This contest will end on December 27, 2013 at 8:00 P.M.

Categories & Prizes

The Prizes!
Grand prize - 100k
Second place - 50k
Third place - 25k

Honorable Mention(s), if any - 10k
Winner of popular vote - 25k

All prizes are redeemable as NX or Paypal.

pictures must be in color and holiday setting and theme are highly suggested.

You may submit up to 2 entries for the contest, but you can only win once!

3. Xaldin's contest


++There are 3 total prizes++

"Oh, and if enough people enter, I will be holding a 10k NX raffle for anyone who doesn't win."

This contest will end on December 15th, 2013.

Categories & Prizes
1st place - 25k NX
2nd place - 10k NX
3rd place - 10k NX
(The NX will be given out via Karma Koin codes)

pictures need to be masculine, preferably focused on the rivalry of the two characters.

You may post as many entries as you'd like, although only one can win.

-no chibis, or anything cutesy

4. Unconcious's Tarlach only contest


Tarlach only contest with gold prizes galore, I suggest checking it out if you're a tarlachian.

OKAY Anyone notice that google is freaking evil? I KNEW GOOGLE WAS EVIL I KNEW IT!!!
They want to show your real full name to the public along with your email, and for some reason don't let you change it.
And if you wanna use youtube you gotta have google+, or they will freaking hunt you down for the rest of your life.

I Saw On youtube someone doing a petition to help change it so, if you want you can do it, but I Don't really know the effects it will have. here's the link…

BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FAIR. It is soooo annoying. I can't use youtube without being extremely irritated.
and google's privacy, and OH lets all "connect" and "link" and butterflys, IS getting WAY Annoying.

Oh if you want, here's something funny one might rage at google with, mind you it doesn't make sense.

Greetings google, OH WAIT that doesn't sound
like a real name, I guess you violated your own
privacy policy! maybe YOUR REAL name should
be out there so that EVERYONE can connect with
you, because its not like that people you already
know, know you, and probably have your cellphone
and can friggin communicate unlike how you
designed your stupid google+. AND OH How
about EVERYONE have there emails where
EVERYONE can see it AND ANYONE can send
RANDOM SPAM THAT Does NOt Even Apply to
you. And How lovely is it, that one cannot simply
press button saying "Oh I don't want my real name
on public display, and oh I don't want my email
where everyone can see it, because you know
what? I go on the internet not to be found in real
life. because if I wanted to be found in REAL LIFE,
I'd go to my door, and open it, and then SCREAM
a disney movie!!! I should probably get some
REAL LIFE PHOTOS of myself TOO, so that
EVERYONE can see WHO I AM and stalk me if
they want, because the internet, is JUST LIKE
REAL LIFE. AND WE all know that we go on the
internet to experience real life. and to meet real
people who don't hide behind a computer!
PERSON and do not have billions of dollars to
pay for BODY Guards to protect me from insane
people on the internet looking for information on
people. AND ALSO I would love it, if I could use
AND WITHOUT IT ASKING ME if I want to "link" or
"connect" or, whats your real name? do you want
to change your name? and when I say NO, it asks
me again!! that's more annoying than a real life
person asking me, because I can't punch it, like a
me TO "Like" Stuff? I CAN'T "Like" stuff, without it
They Like knowing what I LIkE, So that they can
stalk me better, because THEY "LIKE"
YOU GOOGLE. Doesn't that sound fun? like
having a big group video chat!! and sharing your
full names and emails, and home address, and
saying what times you're at your house alone.
FREAKING MEGA PHONE, let's use it like its
suppose to be used. NOT STUPIDLY, AND NOT
MYSELF. I don't tell them. And they don't keep
asking. Or I call the cops.
isn't that INTERESTING?

Me: Brown shirt
Google: Blue shirt

Google: wanna connect your accounts?? :icontrollmorphplz:

Me: :iconhowaboutnoplz:

:iconjackiechanface1plz::iconjackiechanface2plz: What is wrong with you??
1.- You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY, NOT COMMENT. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
HAHAHHAHAHA/cough moving on.

Leedlizer's Questions:
1.  Do you go to anime/comic conventions?
No--But I surely will :iconbarfrainbowplz:

2.  Do you cosplay?  Who/what?
Yes, matryoshka (len), Azusa (k-on). I'm going to do moar :iconmoarplz:

3.  Have you ever played D&D?

4.  Favorite thing(s) to draw?
anime people, I like cloth and hair.

5.  Any anime recommendations?
Birdy the mighty decode, nichijou, luckystar, Eureka 7...uhhh

6.  How about manga recommendations as well?
*groans* uhm Seiyuu Ka,  haven't read it in awhile though. And Someday's Dreamers.

7.  Do you play any musical instruments?
I play the Mayonnaise.

8.  Favorite musical instrument?

9.  Broken any bones?
uhm. I don't think I have.

10.  Can you make me laugh?  (Tell a funny story or joke or something)
:iconscaredcatplz: AAAUHHHGG!!!
I have...:icondramaticdeanplz: no idea...
This site came off as completely random...i'm still unsure what the heck it is. The interface is terrible..but i'm getting used to it. so like blogs and pictures and stuff ? Yeah I think so.
So like I'm Akainai on there.. burg surpreeze.
for however reason the site works..if there is like "watching" function..or a "stalking" function. stalk me on there, and let me stalk you..I mean--I can follow you or something. IS THAT SUPPOSE TO BE TWITTER?!
I might put lots of scribbles on there, and keep more finished art on here or something, for now it's empty.


I figured a bit more about tumblr...

I even have some pictures on there now. :iconyezplz:
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it has been birthday was lame.
I have barely drawn anything for deviantart lately. and I have not gone to my little shoppe on mabi forums *sigh*
I wanna do more traditional has such a wonderful feel to it--at least for me. using a tablet is cool, but just doesn't feel right.
there is a bug in my room--it was here yesterday I think...I wonder when it will die..
kinda creepy..just find it's corpse somewhere--little bug corpse.
I watched the anime Xam'd (zammed) was cool, but the characters seemed shallow, like the animators just made the series 'cause they were bored.
If I figure out how to animate better, I might submit something on here, just for fun.

Anyway, thanks for wishing me a good birthday guys--I might make something soon, just as a personal project.
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  • Watching: lots of stuff
  • Playing: Ni No Kuni
Yeah I'm thinking about opening an art shop soon, since break is closing in, and I'm starting to draw a bit more--as soon as I start getting more free time, I'll stop getting more examples of NEW art, and the different styles I will offer :3
I was thinking I might start off on mabi forums but if the traffic is low, I'll see if dA has anyone interested.
Thank you for stopping by :D

I felt like doing a traditional drawing for someone, so just have a link or picture of an OC you'd like drawn and I'll doodle them just for you! (I'd rather it not be a big gruff guy, armor, beast/alien like-- just at least be a human with the possible animal features if you really want to)
Have any extra details or information listed about the character that you'd think would help me understand them more.
ok~ just comment here~
I'm probably only doing one for now, but if you see that someone else already requested, you can still comment-- I like seeing people's characters.
If you have ever lived in or vacation or know someone who has lived or vacation in Florida, what did you/them think of it?
are there lots of cosplayers in certain areas, are there lots of artists--what are the good points and what are the bad?
Tell me what you think, because I was just curious about the different areas :3
you can message me or put a comment.
:icondesuplz::iconspazhugplz: thanks

any creepiery is not intended... and is not appreciated
my Suggestions if anyone is interested, is to try:
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Accel World
Strawberry Marshmellow

They are all quite different, yet very similar at the same time.
Well I would like to do some pictures for valentine's day or somethin' ye' know?
so does anyone have any good ideas they would be willing to share with me?
if not help me pick from one of these ideas I have:

1.A romantic valentine promotional picture/poster of two OC's of mine (for a future manga I'm hoping to make)
2.Valentine' picture trades (like exchanging art except valentine's day themed)
3.a large group picture of any various characters celebrating valentine's day

ehm maybe more ideas later, that's just what I thought of that might be good.
I was thinking about doing a kiriban at 3,000 views~ :D
Whoever gets it, Make sure to have a proper screenshot proving non cheating etc.

And the prize will be.... A waistup/full body, partial/full colored, Picture of Your Original character :D (I don't wanna be able to not do it, so I'm keeping it sort of vague but still good, huehue /shot)
I do mabinogi characters, a lot, so if you make a character in any video game I can probably do it.
but just in general any "OC's" are good; try to avoid requesting "fan characters"

I'm excited to see who participates :0

comment if you like this idea, or are gonna try to get it :3

Holy...I normally don't get such a large increase of views that fast...

:iconbravoplz: It seems we have a winner!:iconpointrightplz::iconprojectmeka::iconpointleftplz:

Thanks everyone for participating I suppose participating is the right word...

Mekasha, you can either note me or comment, your request :D

[Update 2]
I did Mekasha's wonderful character Taro~ here it is:
Taro by Akainai

I'll have to do this again sometime :iconmoesmileplz:
Tagged by: :iconlikeishizu:

1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6.No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
7.You have to tag 10 people

10 things about me~
1.I love romantic animes.. (not stupid cutesy ones though, I like things that have cool action and stuff but still have romance Ex:eureka 7 is something like what I mean.)
2.I like having short hair, not long.
3.School in it's own way terrifies me.
4.I hate my sister.
5.I used to think I'd get along with guys better than girls, but the school I'm going to now seems to be the opposite.
6.I wish I had more clothes.
7.I wish people would stop perceiving stuff they basically "made up" about me, and stop acting like that's actually me.
8. I look pretty in real life and in mirrors, but camera's make me look weird. :icontruestoryplz:
9.I like going bare foot, but it's so cold right now I can't.
10. I like Italian food.

10 questions for me~
1. What kind of music do you like? I like a very large variety: dance, pop, (japanese, korean, russian) rock, some christian rock. stuff like that.
2. Which would you prefer: Ironman or Batman? well I'd depends on what context buuut... -breaks- If I had to pick...Ironman.
3. How did you know dA? I've heard of it a million times on various forums, and overheard conversation and such, but was invited to put my things on dA, because I did a very large amount of free art for people.
4. Who is your favorite artist of dA? oh gosh. I can't truly say, there are so many, and even more I don't know about (yet?)
but I recently found someone who makes some nice art: :iconmikeinel:
5. Which country would you like to travel? I would like to go to Japan!! (if I had to pick only 1 place, hehe)
6. Something you really hate? My sister. :iconmegustaplz:
7. His platonic love? I guess, I've had that sort of feeling before owo...
8. A couple (Yaoi, yuri, slash, hetero) you really don't support? well slash is just saying Yaoi and yuri, and well I see nothing wrong with being hetero, although I hate when people make every character Yaoi, so I guess Yaoi.
9. What would you propose to make a better world? Eliminate: hate, violence, jealously. DO IT NOW!
10. Honestly, you like the History? I don't like history.

10 questions for you~ (if you want too, lemme know if you did it :3)
1.What are your thoughts on roleplay?
2.what's your favorite time of the day?
3. Have any quirks in the way you talk? what is it, if yes?
4.did you know there ARE words that rhyme with purple?
5.What's one of your favorite (fictional character) Heroines?
6.which would you prefer, Baggy pants, or skinny pants?
7.What's your favorite letter? (ex:A B C...etc)
8.what style of headphone do you like better, earbuds or headsets?
9.what is one of your "pet peeves"?
10. Do you think it's fun to write a bunch of gibberish?
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Just read like a buttload of naruto manga up to the current one..AHJFGKHU CUHAC ILSUHSUIHDSUH EUOSHIOUSCB SUSH ILUHSIUSLI USH ISIU SCIUS LSILUSHSUHSUHI SOIJOSIEJ OSIEJ. All My feels...aaaall my feels :iconasdfghplz::iconallmyloveplz:
It is so ridiculous and awesome so far all in it's own crazy masashi kishimoto insanity :iconimdeadplz:


GYa Orochimaru!? he so pedo but awesome! I mean when he first appeared in the series, scared the BAJEEBIES Outta me! he was so epic in his totally creepy way. Itachi dieing peacefully, i'm so happy.
I always called Tobi...Tobi. no matter how many people called him madara or anything else. i mean really Tobi, Obito, extra "o" switched letters. and the rumor of him being obito was totally going around for like...ever.
Neji dieing. omg If I tell my brother he'd be like: :iconstraightfaceplz:- No. straight out denial.
Neji...we always thought his hair was a weird hat in the first series... if..that sounds strange to anyone..we seriously did.
Hinata is so cute, some people make her out to be weak but she isn't at all! I mean when you try to convey super power and then try to top it every single chapter, the power level is waay beyond over 9,000--I mean it's ridiculous.
Hand holding....FOR THE WIN!! -die die die-

I don't normally spaz over series.
Especially ones with millions of plotholes, but I really enjoy this series.
comments are happily read~ :iconnarutorapefaceplz:
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Watching: Eureka 7 Ao whenever it finally comes out.
  • Eating: Weird beef patties.
  • Drinking: Mint Tea
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

Kay 5 things? sure w/e
1.I like blonde anime guys :iconpervylenplz:
2.I like fake glasses
3.people at school don't talk to me :iconforeveraloneplz:
4.people online get along with me really well
5.I like cheese and apples together, it's good.

:iconeternalfireofdeath: Eternal's (10) questions:
1. Are you now or have you ever been a cat?
Yes, I was a cat for a while.
2. What do leeks remind you of?
3. What is your favourite drawing/writing style?
4. Have you ever had a conversation with an inanimate object?
Yes, My ex-wi/shot
5. Do you cry easily?
Yes, I bawl. I have like...the deepest amount of empathy toward any and all human-beings. and anything living too I suppose.
6. What is your biggest fear?
people around me ruining their lives
7. Do you bite your nails?
no. sometimes they get long and start curling in on the sides and I might bend them back, but that's as close as it gets.
8. Does the number 13 annoy you?
no. 6 does.
9. Can you speak any other languages?
10. Can you tell I was half asleep while doing this?

:iconiliedplz: i'm not tagging but anyone is free to do this.
  • Watching: Eureka 7 Ao
Yeah I mean- second semester and stuff, I hope that can go well and dandy.
how's everyone else feeling =w=?
  • Watching: Eureka 7 Ao
Nisekoi's.../Xlightx's contest.. weird-- split personality or something? I didn't know they were both running it.…
Prizes: 35k nx 1st, 10knx 2nd
Vindictus Site Link:…

Xmittenz1, Bombshell Blondes Art contest…
Prizes: A lot, like up to 50k nx 1st prize, if enough entries. and other places prizes.

FatPenguin, Little Blue Art Contest…
Prizes: 50k nx 1st, 2nd 25k nx, 3rd 10k nx.
Alt Link (re-do):…

Yasu Trick Or Treat Art Contest…
Prizes: 1st 20k nx.

Hip & Starrii's Cowboy & Indians Art Contest…
Prizes: 1st 20k nx, 2nd 10k nx.

Davith's Holiday Art Contest…
Prizes: 1st 20k nx, 2nd 10k nx, 3rd 10k nx ( I believe).

Chi's Big Contest…
Prizes: 1st 20k nx, possible grand prize winner.
Surprisingly this contest has gone unnoticed or updated, So..I'm just leave it here.

If there's more, they have not been updated Recently enough to be here.
I'll go die in a corner now :3
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I Need Your (The Community) Help! [cosplay-yo~]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 3:08 PM
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  • Watching: ANIME! DUDES!
  • Playing: with your face

Mabinogi Contests!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2012, 5:23 PM
Mysticbluwa's Contest:… details: Draw a male character full body- "sexy vampire" like like "Alexander Stering". Contest Ends July 20th, unless extended.

Saguro's Contest:… details: Draw a young female OC (age 14) and a male OC (age 25) [siblings. not romantic]. Contest Ends August 2nd.

Hip's Contest:… details: Draw two males (brothers) in a creative pose. Contest Ends July 15th (has been extended to 28th)

I'll add more later~

  • Listening to: Everything
  • Reading: Everything
  • Watching: Everything
  • Playing: Everything
  • Eating: Everything
  • Drinking: Everything

Art Projects~

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 11:54 AM
Ok currently I am Involved with the T.O.E mabinogi comic- its been slow lately so I haven't gotten to do much.
I'm also going to try and help with a mabinogi story -code word- "sentiments".
Among non official workings I'm going to try to do Vocaloid Virus 3V1L.exes pages here and then for :iconhonnojis:

Mabinogi forum art contests:
Hosted by Saguro and (Hatsune) prize 50k nx first, 25k nx second- deadline date July 10th. -must be romantic  

Hosted by Terue and (Electroshock) prize 10k nx for both first and second- deadline date June 30th- winners announced July 1st.
-PROGRESS 0% idk about this one, it has some good entries already-…

Hosted by Davith and (TerryBogard) prize 20k nx first, 10k second- deadline date July 14th (my birthday O ,O)-Yaoi/pervy poses, allowed.
-PROGRESS 100% done-…

Hosted by Whyatt. Prize 10k nx(or 10$ paypal), first place.- deadline date June 24th.
-PROGRESS 100% done- winners haven't been announced yet qq.…

I am going to see if I can enter these- depending on the competition..I may duck out :x