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My virtual room

It's CGI version of my room.

The original work was exprimentally created using some photographs of my actual room and scanned materials.
Unfortunately, because of some copyright problems, the original work cannot be uploaded.

So, I replaced most of photos to my own work.

... too many dragons :-)
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Oh, and by the way, I love this one, too !! Great job ! :thumbsup:
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Thank you!

This picture was created for this video : [link]
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Did you ever play PC games? Did you play/heard about Myst?
Your video and the desktop made me remember Myst (the graphics look so similar in aspect).

I saw you have another ones.
Awesome :omg:!

If you did #4 followed by #2 it would be absolutely perfect, because it would
start with the Wyvern and end with your desk... :clap:!!!
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Oh! Seen other videos!? Thank you!

I agree to your suggestion.
Actually, I tried to do it before :-)
Although it is not finished yet.
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Since I'm not watching you, but I'd love to see it...
if you remember... let me know when you finish it!!!

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Never too many dragons... I have several at home myself... :aww:
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Me too... :-)

But unfortunately, Japanese room is so small and it is not possible to place many dragon statues.
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I am aware of the dimensions of rooms in Japan...houses are extremely small, too. And I saw how people that can't get back home sleep in extremely reduced places (like ship cabinets or "drawers"). Must be a bit overwhelming...

You can have many very very small statues :aww:!

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