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take 5 mins tell DA what you think SUPER IMPORTANT
please PLEASE click the below link and put in a ticket saying you disagree with the new group feature! i got a reply form DA saying until they get enough people saying anything the new feature is staying! SUPER IMPORTANT!!! HELP DA's COMMUNITY OUT!!! what is the new feature? DA has now made it so you can not submit more then 10 works per day. that's the limit you can choose from 1-10 per day/week/month lovely right?! its like this for both super groups and non-super groups. please go HERE and submit a ticket to DA telling them you dis-like these changes and you would like to see it changed back. why am i asking you to take 5 minutes
[stamps and groupicons]
 closed :thumb366803005:READ THE RULES PLEASE :thumb592419018: for watchers only! this is a thanks to all my watchers who support me and everyone who likes my art and OCs! :thumb592419018: send me a note with all the info I need! :thumb592419018: give me pictures I shall use [make also sure that you are allowed to use the picture you give me!] :thumb592419018: tell me the name/username of that person, so I can credit the original picture, or send me the link of it (sta.sh pictures will be not linket in the description) :thumb592419018: tell me what you want (normal stamp, Happy stamp...) :thumb592419018: please only use them on
[commission info]
:thumb592419018: ask me:thumb592419018: :thumb366803005:Order a Commission :thumb471074862: please read my terms of service carefully before ordering! by ordering a commission you automatically accept my conditions! you can contact me here or go to my website <3 You can also add me on Discord, if that's easier for you and if you like to get quick and easy updates about your CM! Just ask me about it : ) :thumb592419018: please pay after I send you the sketch. I will go on, when I received your payment. (PixelIcons will be paid before I start, but please wait until I confirm your commission!). :thumb592419018: please look below w
Tagged by: TicciTammy (https://www.deviantart.com/ticcitammy) RULES 1. Write the Rules 3. Answer the 12 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. 4. Tag 10 deviants. 5. Make sure that they know they are tagged. 6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" 7. It is forbidden to not tag anybody. 8. Tag backs are allowed 9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you (Ignore this one you don't need to make this tag if you don't want to) TicciTammy (https://www.deviantart.com/ticcitammy)'s questions: 1. how was your day? Pretty good 2. do you have a current addiction to something? (me: *cough* undertale *cough* *cough*) Pepsi
Commission *Updated 2017/03*
Tumblr l Artstation l Redbubble l Patreon  l Gumroad Store Hello! Here's my commission info for digital character painting. Please see the list below: [Fan Art] £100 - Half body fanart for a game character (Either well known or those I'm interested in:)) - Your choice of pose/setting/mood - Simple background/clothings - Nsfw pin-up possible [OC Half body] £160 - Any original character waist-up - Simple background - Front or back:p [Dual] £220 - Two characters waist-up - Simple background - Any poses & interactions - Dragon/ fantasy creature or animal options [Multi-versions] £200 - Any original character
Seishin Hogosa Master List
:thumb500821970: If you are here to register your Seishin then fill out this form Username: Seishin ref: Theme: Adopt or MYO: :thumb500821970: If you are someone who have preciously owned a Seishin and would like to register them here or give it up for adoption then fill out this form Username: Seishin ref: Keeping or Giving up: (The list has no alphabetical order) Spring Morning Seishin- ~Miss-Okami (https://www.deviantart.com/miss-okami) Shrine Maiden`Seishin- :iconAkageOtoha: Fighter of Luck/Hope Seishin- :iconmiss-okami:
Quick shout out
*Journal creeks from disuse* Anyway, here are two artists doing cheap commissions, they're both very nice and check them out if you're interested. ~Tears-of-trinity (https://www.deviantart.com/tears-of-trinity) http://fav.me/dag3kyu :iconAkageOtoha: http://fav.me/dafze79
Devious Journal Entry
Heyoo guys! Just thought I'd leave a raffle for y'all to look at while you deal with my inactivity (I have something in the works, I promise!) It's from AkageOtoha (https://www.deviantart.com/akageotoha) and she's opening up more prizes for the more watchers she gets ♥ She's really a great person that I myself would like to know more, so you should definitely take a look! (Some of my faves!)
Raffles to join #5
Team S Bio - Sparky
Sparky, the mechanic of Team S. General Information Full Name: Lucas "Sparky" Frederick Gender: Male Age: 17 Birthday: May 27, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Ethnicity: German Height: 5'0" Weight: 97 lbs Skin Tone: Fair Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Black Favorite Color: Brilliant Yellow Facial Features: None Occupation: Junior in high school Residence: Starpoint Town Personality Cocky, Somewhat Violent, Short Tempered, Heroic, Lonely, Insecure, Somewhat Out of Control, Somewhat Irresponsible, Hard-Working, Determined, Brave, Bold, Timid, Clumsy, Hyper, Competitive, Intense, Strong, Fierce, Energetic, Silly, Impetuous, Impatient, Distant, Cold, Lo
Free toyhouse codes
EDIT: GONEEE NO MORE CODES FOR NOWW~ edit: for those people who requested for a code but did not use them in a week time, I will give them out to someone else. Hai, so i got some toyhouse codes if anyone's interested in em! Some of the rules required to request a code: - your dA account must be 3 months or older - You must be active on dA and show that you have recent deviations so I know you're not just some random person or scammer ;w; - you can only request for 1 code for yourself. - Please don't request for 1 if you already have an account... If you meet the above requirements, you can comment below for a code
mmMMM oh mY GOd
stolen from AkageOtoha (https://www.deviantart.com/akageotoha) :v Can you fill this out without lying? Yes Without being sarcastic? :^000 1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? rieces pieces?? idk 2. Where was your profile picture taken? dont have one ; 0 3. Do you play Pokemon Go? nope e w e 4. Name someone who made you laugh today? my best friend <3 5. How late did you stay up last night and why? 2 am I think... 6. If you could move somewhere else, where would you? nowhere I like where I am tbh 7. Ever been kissed under fireworks? nope :v 8. Which of your friends lives closest? uhh. my friend emilie I think... 9. Do you believe ex's can still
Edit 6: They said they'll take all adopts off hold and make a public apology. Again, please do not harass this person. Edit 5: They admitted to wanting to have all of the characters for themselves and is attempting to guilt trip me for posting this journal, read other comments below for more examples of them guilt tripping people Edit 4: please do not harass this person; just hide/ignore offers they make on your characters Edit 3: Big red flag, this was brought to my attention: Edit 2: due to the mass amounts of people commenting on this and having to deal with this, and getting ripped off, this is now officially a callout journal. :devf
HELLO! RAFFLE IS CLOSED ! Thank you sooooo much to everyone who entered!! I managed to find lots of angsty anime / manga titles xDD As promised, I'm picking the 3 winners by using random.org ~ here we gooooo <3 ♥      ♥      ♥ FIRST WINNER : 385 ~MightyMaknae (https://www.deviantart.com/mightymaknae) ◾ Congrats MightyMaknae (https://www.deviantart.com/mightymaknae)♥!! You get a half-body ; 7 ; SECOND WINNER : 272 :iconpantysnatcher: ◾ Congrats PantySnatcher (https://www.deviantart.com/pantysnatcher)♥!! You get a chibi > v < THIRD WINNER : 493 :iconstarriuki: ◾ Congrats Starriuki (https://www.deviantart.com/starriuki)♥!! You get a chibi o w o THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN T V T
hello!!!! ive decided to do commissions? i have so many different styles this is gonna be hard af but here goes also please dont respost them when theyre done! if youw ant them in your gallery, i can post them and you can fave them! so for chibis the style will be like this vv and the price will be  25 points, +10 for extra characters!  and you can ask for it to be transparent bg or ill do flatcolour/pattern or smthn of the like pff these will be fully shaded!! (they will be from knees to fullbody, specify if you want either) next!! headshots/bust shots! this is basically anywhere from shoulders to hips, i wont make you pay more for whate
PLEASE READ:Prices change! > i will not draw fan art/copyrighted characters >i also cannot do any animals with hooves, muscular things,Armor and any complex designs.. > no fetish art - available - unavailable busts/ headshots - 180 +40 for additional character +10  for simple bg MAX- 4 Human/humanoid fullbodies/halfbodies - 280 +90 for additional character +10  for simple bg Please fill out- Gore: Yes/No Pose: ( would be helpful ) Ref sheet- MAX- 2 Gore glitch Gifs- 1 Character only 250 Please fill out Ref sheet: Species: Glitch text : Yes/No ( what you want it to say ) Glitch affect : Yes/No _ you cann
Deviant Users to look out for
(Last Updated 15/02/16 by CraftyMaelyss (https://www.deviantart.com/craftymaelyss)) Because there are so many different DeviantUsers of different types, I will create this main journal with links to different journals holding important updates of current threats on DeviantArt and how they affect the community. There is also a 'WANTED' section, this is NOT FOR REPORTING, it's for when we want to get into contact with a user but they have blocked one or more officers and this makes questioning and resolving issues more difficult. URGENT: For urgent of highly important matters and immediate threats to the DeviantArt Community PEDOPHILE WARNING: http://da-police-force.deviantart.com/j
//SCREAMS ( To-Do list / Update !! )
lAUGHS power outage earlier --- lasted like three hours. Started commissions and personal art in between as a break  , cOMPUTER  DECIDED TO KILL EVERYTHING - Files died, end of story --- So here I am giving you an update on all your commissions and making myself a  fancy to-do list  to also keep on dA in case I end up losing my to-do notebook //laugh . If I miss anyone, PLEASE tell me!   I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes, plus I have stuff going on  left and right, I need some remindeersss. ;; v ;; So !  Sorry for the mentions! <3  It helps me  keep track . :bulletgreen: 2 linked keychains for Jetstream-D-Sparky (https://www.deviantart.com/jetstream-d-sparky)    
God, You Guys
 I can't wait for Art-Acceptance (https://www.deviantart.com/art-acceptance)'s Icon Contest to end on the 14th, so I can close that Art-Acceptance Contests folder. It's all anyone tries to submit to now, and they get mad when I say their stuff can't go in there. "Well it's Art-Acceptance isn't it?! I can put my stuff anywhere" ~ Them basically. Some people.. That feeling when you find an amazing artist but the majority of their gallery ends up being furries. ~wormhappy40plz (https://www.deviantart.com/wormhappy40plz) I'm having a bit of an art block right now. But I'm listening to music so that might help.
= Ouran high School Host club PLZ
#Anime-Cartoon-PLZs (https://www.deviantart.com/anime-cartoon-plzs)<--come join. We colleted anime and cartoon PLZ icons:happybounce: :iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz: All: :iconouranplz::iconhikaruandkaoruplz::iconmassproductionplz::icontwinsymmplz::iconourantwinsplz::iconhikarukaoruplz::iconsexykyoya1plz::iconTamakiapprovedplz::iconlovelyhugplz::icontamakihugplz: Tamaki Suoh: :iconcornerofwoeplz::icontamakisulkplz::iconehhhplz::iconrobottamakiplz::iconlosttamakiplz::iconsrstamakiplz::icontamapuppyplz::icondramatictamakiplz::iconTamakichibiplz::icontamakisuohplz2::icontamakisuohplz3::icontamaki1plz::icontamakiblus
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