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Matoi Ryuko Ukiyo-e

"Father's scissor blade
Is something precious to me
My fated revenge"

- lol Kill la Kill haiku XDD

"ukiyo-e" Ryuko Matoi by yours truly
based on Toyokuni's 'Young Samurai and Female Attendants Practicing Archery' 
between 1798 and 1802

The symbol behind her is the dharmachakra. I put it in coz i read in some sources that that's what the pattern on Ryuko's eyes symbolize XD
Drawn using pencils and Sakura pigma pens and brush pens
colored in Photoshop 7
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I really dig this old school woodcut style. It brings to mind Japanese classic literature. 
VicodinFlavoredMints's avatar
This is a really neat idea! Bravo, love it!!!! :heart: :iconclappingplz:
makaalbarn7's avatar
things that are really friggin cool:THIS
Has a very nice rustic feeling. Good work.
Yumichan216's avatar
This is awesome >u<
AnotherSanji's avatar beautiful!!
A1Z2E3R's avatar
Very nice artwork. She uses scisors as a sword !
I like her delicacy.
darkervapid's avatar
this is too awesome
Shady-Knight's avatar
Oh, if only she and other characters in that show had a modest, sensible design like that.  But alas, the character "designer" seems to think that showing lots of unnecessary skin for the sake of pointless and dated fan service is of utmost importance.
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