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L.A. Noire

By AKADoom
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I finally finished L.A. Noire over the weekend (with a platinum trophy to boot!) so to celebrate I made a poster.

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Ending sucks, doesn't it?
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It is kind of disappointing
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Personally I thought the ending of L.A. Noire was worse than that of Mass Effect 3.
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No it... no wait, actually, you might be right :U
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love it, except I have to remark, the actor's name is 'Staton', not 'Stanton' :)
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Awesome!!! I LOVE IT! :heart:

Who's the lady at the bottom? Is she just a random girl or a real character/person...she looks familiar....
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Thanks :D
As for the deceased, I think she's just some poor broad who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Oh, okay. Anyways, great picture!
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Excellent work, man!! :D
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Mmm.. I love it :deviation:
Reminds me good old days of Bogard :la:
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33% so far and lovin' it :D
nice work :)
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Perfect :D I love how great the writing for LA Noire is... I list it as one of my favorite movies as well as video games ;)
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This is like the most dramatic movie like poster for a game. A lot of video gamers and reviewers say it is "the first Movie Game". Make a modern day version of the Noire series from the 1940's.
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there sould be a film adaptation!!! :D love it! :D
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Check that... you DID make one for RDR, and that one's awesome, too! :)
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That is awesome! I feel like that's exactly what the poster would have looked like if it was made in the '40s. I would totally buy a print of that! You should make one for Red Dead Redemption!
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Awesome poster. Can't wait until they release the PC version of this great fame ;)
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I got to give you props on this one man…as a fan of film noir and L.A. Noire, you did an amazing job in capturing the classic crime drama feel. :salute:

One thing though, it white background seems a bit overpowering to the design…perhaps a darker color to help balance out the images…just something I noticed is all…but it's still bad ass. :XD:
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Awesome job :D. Aw, man I want to play that game so bad! I hope they make a PC version of this and Red Dead Redemption. Er, sorry. Still, awesome job :)
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Pretty much awesome :D don't you mind if i put it on my wall?
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The dead woman reminds me of Joker from the Dark Knight (yeah, I'm kinda mean :D), anyway, great poster! Neat style :)
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How is John Noble?
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