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If you're a fan of the hard drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman Jessica Jones, then this group is for you! Submit your Jessica Jones fan art and other JJ related things here. Talk about the awesome show! Share your theories and opinions! Join us, I'll get you a whiskey.

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***********MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS************

*****Turn back now Spoilers ahead!********

***********I warned you!***********

Okay, so first of all, I want to say how happy I was with season 2 of Jessica Jones. I have some HUMONGOUS complaints AND praise (I'll be sharing in a different post), but overall, not bad Marvel, not bad. Right now, I'm here to talk about one person from this season of Jessica Jones, Patsy f**cking Walker. Oh. My. God. How was Patsy not the villain this season? They took her from a regular ol' mildly annoying sidekick type, to the worst, in all seriousness, character in the MCU. What the hell were they trying to accomplish with the Trish character this season? Were fans supposed to like Trish more after the shit she did becuase, um, FAIL? I mean, I know the endgame is for her to turn into Hell Cat, which ugh from the ending scene is obvious she's going to be next season, but damn. The ways she went about that? Not. Okay.

Let's go over a FEW of the evil, completely bad guy and dick moves Trish Walker pulled this season, shall we?

1. So  incredibly jealous of Jessica and her powers.

Even from season one, they started to plant the seeds of "Trish is jealous of Jessica's powers" in our minds. But season 2 took it to a whole new level. Trish is so pressed sand desperate to be like Jessica, to have powers like Jessica's, that she goes to several extremes, one being...

2. Stealing Simpson's "Super Solider" inhaler and becoming a junkie.

Now, I know that once a drug addict, it's very easy to become an addict of other things like different drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. And Trish knows this too. But because of her aforementioned jealousy of Jessica and her desperate need to feel important and strong and needed, she began taking a drug she knew nothing about, knew nothing about it's contents, knew nothing about it's effects, and didn't tell Jessica once she got addicted. But she told Malcolm. Which leads me to number 3.

3. Got a friend/recovering addict high.

She aggressively pressured a recovering drug addict to take the same drug she was on. Strug out on Simpson's inhaler, she used the fact that Malcolm liked her and pressured him into taking the same shit, which she still does not know it's contents. What good person does this? She's that asshole kid in those terrible after school specials. And oh yeah speaking of Malcolm and Trish...

4. She had sex with her friend in order to manipulate him. Then pistol whips him and stuffs him in a trunk.

Trish knew that Malcolm had a thing for her, and if she didn't then Jessica was kind enough to blatantly point it out. Not only that, but she asks Trish not to lead him on. So what does Patsy do? She gets high, sleeps with Malcolm when he starts prying, then makes him break into Jessica's laptop to find the man that Jessica told her to leave alone. THEN she drives to the hotel, knocks Malcolm over the head. stuffs him in a trunk, and...


Like, how can you get more evil than that? If it wasn't bad enough that she went hunting for people in "bad neighborhoods" she literally takes this scientist, who the entire time she says she "just wants to take him down and make him pay for what he's done" when in actuality, she just wants him to give her powers like Jessica. What. The. F**k?

6. She's an ungrateful bitch.

After Jessica saves her life from that doomed from the start experiments. Literally saves her life. The bitch was dying on the table. She wakes up from the much too short coma and the first words out of her mouth? "You asshole, you stopped the experiment." Bitch? BITCH? WHATTTTTT?

7. And the icing on the cake? She murders Jessica's mother.

Yes, Jessica's mother was a violent murder due to the experiments done on her and her inability to control herself becuase of it. Like the Hulk. But come on. She lies to the detectives so that she can sneak out, finds Jessica at her favorite childhood place, the one place that brings back good memories for her, and kills her mother right there in front of her. Her mother's blood and brain spattered all over her and the ride they were on. This scene was so hard to watch. Like, it was a mother and daughter having a moment. Jessica's mother was about to accept her fate to protect Jessica even though Jessica protested. And in the middle of her heartfelt conversation with her mother, BOOOM. And who does she see at the bottom of the ride looking crazy as ever? Trish f**king Walker.

This isn't even half of the terrible things Trish did this season. This is just a bitter taste of the shit Patsy pulled. Tell me, how was Trish NOT the villain this season?

*Oh, for God's sake, it's Patsy.*
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