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OC Fiction: Miriel at the Tavern


OC Fiction: Miriel at the Tavern

Summary: An unusually fat mercenary has to find someone who trusts her enough to pay for her services. No weight gain, just fat girls being fat. And cute. I hope. “Oi! What do you mean I'm too fat?!” Miriel exploded in indignation, slamming her fists and belly on the mayor's desk. The mayor, an older man with short, dark hair didn't respond, but his weary eyes looked down for a moment, at the evidence of her obesity about to destroy his desk. “I'm not too fat,” the wide warrior huffed, taking two steps back; her belly slid off the desk and slapped against her thighs with a meaty thud. “This isn't the first Gob
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Sorry for fav spam but I love your characters and art style. It’s also nice seeing size acceptance where a fat person is represented as beautiful but don’t have to gain more if they aren’t comfortable with it

Do you have a Discord server?

A couple of days I told people in my server I'm going to close it, since it was pretty dead.

It's pretty amusing and awkward that you pick exactly this between moment to ask about it, haha.

Like I told people in my server, feel free to add me: Rubberducky++#4181

... and how about that? I was right - you are hot potatoes when it comes to the Internet! Which is justified - you're a very adept illustrator. :D

something to make her look less fat

I'm either missing some context, or you posted that in the wrong place.
Hey I have something to say about the idea of a feedee Peach.
Well I do agree that she would work as a feeder better, I just want to play devil's evike. 

So the idea goes, Peach has little helpers Toads, that do almost nothing but keep her well feed, because of this she has gained weight making it hard for her to float.

This makes her easier to kidnap and that's well Bowers comes to stike.

It's a dumb idea but it works I think.