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For 120 :points: I can do your logo for ethier personal or company purpose. 
You can ethier have only Logo, logo with style or have favorite character/ your original characters (Need to be PNG Transparent) with Logo beside it!

(need aleast be in somewhat detail info. For example: "I want my Logo in Futuristic looks" or "I like mine to look in grunge style with my (insert your character) on left on logo" and so forth.)
Line art (half/full body)
No color, no background, just Line art for you to fill in yourself for only 80 :points:
Note: It will be PNG Transparent
Flat Color (JPG)
JPG Version of Flat Color Commission.
Flat Color with no amount of detail. This is cheaper option if you don't have enough points :dummy:
Detail Color (JPG)
JPG version of Detail color.
Detail Color featuring Shading color, some detail with no Background.
Half Body (JPEG)
JPEG version of Half Body Commission.
Half/Bust Body of character.
Full Body (JPEG)
JPEG Version of Full Body Commission.
Calm Beach (Otis)
Flat Color (half/full body)
No Background but with Color with less detail for only 100 :points:
Detail Color (half/full body)
No Background but with shading and some more detail to color to make it somewhat alive for only 160 :points:
I will put image soon
Half Body (Background/Detail Color)
For around 270 :points: you can commission only anime original character or your favorite anime character!
Katsuragi X Super Mario
Full Body (Background/Detail Color)
For about 300 :points: you can commission me for full body for your Original Character or Favorite Anime character!
Any if you like to make something into an Parody for only 130 :points:
For example:
Hyperdimension Neptunia, on SNES

Newest Deviations

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Hyperdimension Neptunia X: Story
Remember the tales of Neptunia adventure? Where CPU Fight to the death over share, Neptune lost her memory, exploring the world of Gamindustri to regain her memory back, make friendship with her rivals and takedown her enemy to save the world?
In this "What If" situation, there is more to Neptune then it meet the eyes.

Cover of Hyperdimension Neptunia X
Hyperdimension Neptunia X take place in different scenario in aftermath of re;birth1, where the novel follow the protagonist: Neptune who actually don't remember too well in her childhood except her dream she recently have. She was invited to Lastation Contest to see who is the best CPU in Gamindustri. As contest started, Neptune however, was greeted by Guards from an different country: Fair Island, an small island separate from Gamindurstri, divided into two district.
Accepting their agreement, Neptune started to go to Fair Island where she was introduced by Furhi F. Fairchild,
:iconaka-38caution:AKA-38CAUTION 1 2
Katsuragi X Super Mario by AKA-38CAUTION Katsuragi X Super Mario :iconaka-38caution:AKA-38CAUTION 22 2 Neptune Vs Asuka (Top poll answer) by AKA-38CAUTION Neptune Vs Asuka (Top poll answer) :iconaka-38caution:AKA-38CAUTION 19 5

Artwork is owned by AKA-38CAUTION .


Random Favourites

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List of Favorites: (You can Reload this page if you want)
:bulletred: Most Neptunia stuff
:bulletred: Other



The Rainbow Basin :245 by emperpep The Rainbow Basin :245 :iconemperpep:emperpep 15,797 1,118 [+Video] Original - Come with me by Hyanna-Natsu [+Video] Original - Come with me :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 5,892 235
My Wishlist
I need ideashey I'm going to do a remake on my the elemental CPUs but I can't figure out how their forms should look, and that's were you all come in, I need you to give me ideas on like wings, shoulder pads, mecha boots, etc. the weapons  I have already chosen if ya got any Ideas for attacks or pictures for to show me to give me ideas on their Cpu forms please comment or note me, I shall give you info on each of them with a link below
Names, elements, & city they stand for
Storngo: Earth: leanbox
Breaze: Ice: lowee
Flare: fire: lastation
Shocky: lightning: Planeptune…

 Portalmaster579 currently redesigning his Elemental CPU but he needs your help giving him the idea of what their new look is.

An idea like wings, shoulder pads, mecha boots, etc. as well as the Weapon and what attacks look like.

The Elemental Hermets by Portalmaster579

Here the names, elements, & city they stand for

Storngo: Earth: leanbox
Breaze: Ice: lowee
Flare: fire: lastation
Shocky: lightning: Planeptune

If you do get an idea of what they should look like, Note/comment at his profile and He can give you information each of them.

~ AKA-38CAUTION , Founder of 38-District 

38-District Nepu Notification Squad: 

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States




I am 38Caution , I am a Photographer, Fan Artist, Graphic Designer, characters Illustrator, and rookie Website designer. I am a huge fan on action anime and Sci-if movie, one of the anime/book that influence me is Trigun, Gurren Lagann and 1984 by George O'Well.

I am founder of 38CAUTION PRODUCTION, an unofficial, independent, collaboration studio that mainly focus on Anime Crossover. You can be additional helper by giving new idea by sending via :note: for next project!

Ever since I was a young, I alway wanted to make a storyline that take place in futuristic wasteland with weird characters design. It alway my passion since after watching Trigun.

I am a creator of "PROJECT X-TREME" an Spectral Fiction, based on many genres such as Weird, Dying Earth, Utopia and Dystopia and Alternative History/Future. The world is center between Dimension and Real World with teleportation decide known as Dimension Transport. It appear to be around since 1957 during Cold War.

Currently the First Project to be made is: "HYPER DIMENSION NEPTUNIA X" which is created by AKA-38CAUTION with addition help to Trak-kun and Adiutrix-Pia-Fidelis

You can found more information at: which contain more context such as Rating system and Q&A!

I not the best when it come to HTML and CSS as it very hard to remember most code and such. So you will experience consent of updating website.

Please note: I am a Aumatur Artist in need for improvement, so crique me if needed for some improvement. Thanks! :la:

Note 2: I will give my brutal honest opinions

Langauge Skill:
American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American Sign Language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy


Please Donate :points: to support for future content!

You can get feature on front page and on Website!


My birthday badge

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Journal History


New request will be temporary closed with finishing Neptunia X Project with it characters designs which I will announce later on across 38-District and my Offical website which you may enjoy reading what it about :)

I try to finishing up other two request before start to draw characters design so stay tune. 

Also so I have a huge plan with 38-District coming soon.
2/5 Request have been finished!

The other three will be in work  tomorrow and may be finished in couple days.

So recently, Super Neptunia RPG have been delay once again, pushed to Summer 2019.

Check out 38-District recent news
Guys, I Officially have a Toyhouse account, so you can follow me there:



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