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DJ Pon3 with decks

And here's my vector of Vinyl Scratch with her decks
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@AK71 I borrowed this vector to make a signature.

DJ Pon-3 and Octavia signature
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Used in my personal album art. :)
Thanks a bunch.
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I used your Vector here: [link]
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4Lauren Faust
4 Sexy Vinyl Scratch
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Used here: [link]
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Darn it, wrong text on my clipboard. Anyway, mind if I use this in a forum signature?
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i made a wallpaper out of this: [link]
Mind if I use this in a YouTube background?
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Maybe someone can make a animated version of this ? :D
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hey i hope you don't mind, but i used this vector in a photo manipulation ^^ [link] gave you full credit :D
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Nice, although I wish someone could animate it in Flash so I could do some music projects including visualizations.
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Would you mind if I borrowed this? Credit would obviously be given to you where credit is due.
Also, would you mind if I lightened the colours and added a front to the decks? I plan on eventually making a forum signature with this, and I'd rather not make it look like she's missing her legs.
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Sure, go ahead! She's a bit dark as she was originally for my dark club wallpaper. Just add what you want to it
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Just fyi, the base of the turntable on her left (our right) is hanging off the edge a bit...
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How did you get rid of the back ground? Or did you draw it? So hard to tell anymore. xD
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I vectored it from a screenshot so didn't include the background. You can usually tell from the resolution too. I and a lot of ponies vector at very high resolutions, much higher than normal (even HD) TV pictures
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Ahh ok.
Would you mind if I use this for a Google Chrome theme?
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Of course not! If you post it anywhere though, just give credit as to where the original came from please
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Oh thanks! Well I can't do it now because I tried before with a different picture and fail. Badly xD.
And when I finally figure out the right sizes and stuff I'll make sure to show you first and give you credit on the background with that watermark thingy so I'l remember who to thank every time I go to a new tab. You'll be thanked a lot xD
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Where did her eyelashes go?
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