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Face Carving

When Winslow gets into the Halloween spirit, he goes all out. This includes horribly disfiguring himself to appear like a Jack o' Lantern. But whatever, it's all in good fun. :D

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Good thing I've got 911 on speed dial. Hope Winslow has the information of next of kin and who will be riding with the family.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Little Winslow it is! :D

MapsNStuff's avatar
Good grief, stuff like this makes me wonder if Winslow has a congenital insensitivity to pain.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Yes. It's called being a cartoon. :laughing:

dawn-giant-dragon's avatar
coyote knows that one all to well X)
PAToons's avatar
I love Ben's "about to vomit" pose. Hahahahaha..... That's priceless. :XD:
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Tazpire's avatar
baha :XD:

Poor Ben :XD:
Cinderfinrella's avatar
LMAO lol that is great
hehehehe lol
i love it lol
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
BlueGreenGrey's avatar
It works for him. (:
Grimtowne's avatar
i totally want that shirt.

fuck i need a job. >_>
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
You and me both. :)

Grimtowne's avatar

ehhhh. such is life I suppose. -dies-
the only place I wanna work won't hire me. -_-' :stab:
mouxo's avatar
lol, hey! he stole my halloween idea! except I was gunna fill my head with candy and give to the children! wait... no.. that's not right... candy to give to myself! yeah.. that's the one...
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Candy is much better than a candle anyway.

curlpop's avatar
Oh man

once i get money

i am going to buy that.
theprankster's avatar
OMFG!! That is THE best thing EVER!! If I had money Id buy the shirt.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
:D Glad you like it. :)

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