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Would YOU press the poop button? Not knowing what it would do?

Bet you would. :)

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What if the button got stuck?
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He'd probably poop himself to death. :)

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*presses the button 9001 times.*
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You've doomed us all.

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No you did when you made that button.
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*pushes 10 times*
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I have a summary of a comic I'd like you to do, called "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?":

Winslow makes several mistakes in his attempt to rob the local 7-11; one of which that he was wearing a ski mask...which was on top of his head, not over his face. Another one was that he couldn't figure out how to open the cash register and tried pushing every button. And finally, during his frantic button-pushing marathon, he accidentally triggered the place's silent alarm, and was arrested for attempted robbery. An excellent example of eliminating the middleman.

(Funny: Wherever the fuck Ben and Winslow live, it's OK to make a toy called "Axe Manderson", but try to rob a 7-11 and fail and your ass is grass. What's up with that?)
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I would press it a billion times.
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You're just cruel. ;)

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I nearly chocked on my pizza goldfish from laughing too hard :XD:
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I'll count that as a success. :)

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I almost died laughing!
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omg that's cruel...i loled so hard: D
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You're damn right I would press that button!
Curiosity, it's a beautiful & sometimes rewarding thing! :lmao:
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You know it. :)

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