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Anatomy of a Humorous Conversation



I didn’t feel like writing a strip with actual dialogue for today. So instead of dialogue, I’ve inserted the basic idea of what the characters are saying. Feel free to imagine them talking about whatever the hell you want. It’s my gift to you, gentle viewers. :nod:

After I finished this one, I realized that Winslow’s “Comparative analysis” in panel four might be read differently depending on how familiar you are with Ben and Winslow’s anatomy. When I do multi-paneled strips like this, I usually don’t draw the characters’ legs–but since the characters are so short, I’m really only leaving off their feet. Technically, Winslow is holding those cantaloupes (yes, those are cantaloupes) by his crotch. But he could just as easily be talking about that harbinger of old age, Melon Sag.

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