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:iconak-47x:AK-47x posted a status
Update for jas: 
I said I was going to do this when I got more info so...
Dav-Ink aka jas surgery when well,  his arm is fixed up again, but he will be going to another hospital, one with better doctors. 
From the look of the hospital and what I read on website   They seem to best of what they got in the phillippines....
hope that ken Aka juckern0t will be able to go with him.  
( ken is jas's irl friend, who knows him and what not...his ass at ) 

Hopefully I'll get more info on what they will be doing with jas at this new hospital....hope jas isn't in pain ...emotionally and physically...

update on nadzarki 
everything is going to hell with her, that she might not be able to to have online life anymore and that god awful to hear, I so badly wish can be taken out of that hellish house hold. 

Its painful to to sit and wait and do nothing as the two people who took the time to understand me are living so many wishes can't be all filled ...

I'll  update when I get more info.
thank you for your concern.

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