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:iconak-47x:AK-47x posted a status
I have some bills to pay.. and i was thinking of  doing paypal commissions ..

things have been hard at home money has been  lose 
i pay for my aunt bill but that leaves me with not much for myself...i cant really have job since i have funding to go to collage thats my how i get payed.. 
i been feeling weaker and weaker with everything ....i miss my boyfriend...he was the one who help me relax with not being so overwhelmed..

i need to make about 1000$ Or 500$ ( lot of smaller things add up)

so I’m just asking how much should i ask for   my work ?... ...

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agma323 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Student Artist
SilentxTime Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018   Digital Artist
You should first think about what you're willing to do for commissions(style wise, background or none, etc) and what your personal limits are.
You can get so focused on money that when it comes time to work on the commissions, suddenly you're in way over your head and you just drown in stress.
You should always enjoy doing art so find a balance so that it doesn't turn into a chore.

That being said, to start throwing price ideas out there what I would feel comfortable paying is
$10-15 for something like this (bust)
I think that will do nicely by AK-47x

$20 or so for something like this (simple fullbody)
nadz. by AK-47x

$30-40 for something like this (fullbody + background)
7-11 run by AK-47x
I really love your immersive bacgrounds
With no background or something simple probably around $20-30

Don't forget to take into account your own time and energy. If you feel like what I picked is too high/low then it's too high/low. 
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