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:iconak-47x:AK-47x posted a status
! Important notice ! Of dav-ink accounts !
”what’s going on with dav-ink social media ??” 

 Fortunately  his (asshole >;U) friends are playing in his   Social media accounts , they some times have hard time understanding the  importance of  spect  in general but they only wish to do something for him to pay there own  respects  to him, jas wasn’t  only known on here but in real life too, he had made lot of friends in real life and was seen as a “  popular “ kid so lot of people where  affected by this 

i only have his DA account as his more in real life friends are looking after the his other Social media accounts 
( he actually give his YouTube account to someone else before he passed away so ..yeah )

this is just the info I have gotten 
so if anyone ask just link them this okay? Just want to make sure everyone knows.
jasper has passed ...just his accounts are left behide u-u 

pass the word around about this, we don’t want trolls coming around ;;

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duck-king-02 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018
Thanks for putting this put hun I just got fr.eaked out when his youtube channel got updated
nadzarki Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Student General Artist
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