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:iconak-47x:AK-47x posted a status
Help me 

Idk what  i should do 
Thinking bout opening PayPal 
but feel like I’m not   Worth  using real money;; 

wanna see how much i should  charge  for my work??

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Stutterling Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
PayPal is probably the most efficient way and points is just as valuable as PayPal if you're accepting commissions through the commission widget. If you can wait 2 weeks, you'll get your earnings you can put into PayPal. I recommend you set one up. 

I have no suggestions for the prices as that's something you need to figure out yourself just try to not underprice yourself. Low prices can sometimes show lack of confidence so can deter possible customers. Find a happy medium you're comfortable with. (: 
AK-47x Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017
Thank youuu for your  insight 
i  appreciate it  lot ^^ this help me out with making the  choices 
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