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all my oc

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 3, 2014, 2:45 AM

just doing this soo i can remember thwirs names ,hehehe^^; (also its 3 am i feel like tpying )
okay try to add a pic of them as well hehe wait never mind ,iys being a ass

soinc ocs 
1. emma Bullet; Pink emma by AK-47x

2. angel Bullet; Pink Angel by AK-47x

3. tyrone Bullet; Blue  
4. sam Bullet; Pink
5. discord Bullet; Blue discord by AK-47x

6. 63 Bullet; Blue my bloody 63 by AK-47x

7. zao Bullet; Blue Zao seeno by AK-47x

8. jackBullet; Blue

9. lillyanne Bullet; Pink Class red by AK-47x

10. oyen Bullet; Blue
11. piper Bullet; Pink New and named by AK-47x

12. shawnBullet; Blue

13. don Bullet; Pink

14. solaBullet; Pink shes older now 

15. abbyBullet; Pink

16. eveBullet; Pink eve by AK-47x

17. appBullet; Pink App new look by AK-47x

18. k6Bullet; Blue

19. JamesBullet; Blue Untitled by AK-47x

20. faith Bullet; Pink Untitled by AK-47x

21. maxBullet; Blue

22. august Bullet; Blue

23. DominicBullet; Blue

24. zagan Bullet; Black   Don't forget by AK-47x

25. JoshuaBullet; Blue

26. jade Bullet; Pink Jade by AK-47x

27. red and atariBullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Atari and red by AK-47x

28.proxyBullet; Pink Proxy by AK-47x

29. JodieBullet; Pink
30 . Oliver
31. v-38 Bullet; Pink
32. oz-1Bullet; Blue
33. Jayden Bullet; Blue

34. kaiBullet; Blue Kai by AK-47x

35. katkat Bullet; Pink
36.rose Bullet; Pink
37.Adam  Bullet; Blue Adam fireage by AK-47x
38. ruckieBullet; Pink  Ruckie by AK-47x
39. Randen  Bullet; Blue  Oh RanDen by AK-47x

40. Madison Bullet; Pink Madison by AK-47x
41. Klarm 
Bullet; Pink  Klarm and 63 by AK-47x

i have only 10 or 9 to do hehehe

Skin by detrans (modified by AK-47x)
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Submitted on
January 3, 2014